10 Infusions for gases

We all have gases, they are a normal part of digestion and the functioning of the body, the elimination of excess is a common event that happens in the form of gas, flatulence or belching.

Increased gas or pain can be a consequence of eating foods that are prone to gas. If you are prone to gas and a swollen abdomen, one of the things you can do is change your eating routine and perhaps the presence of gas will decrease.

You should also know that there are certain foods that make you have more gas, one of them are those rich in fiber. Some of these foods are legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, although in any case, they are necessary foods for the proper functioning of the body, they help control blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Other dietary factors that can influence the appearance of flatulence are carbonated drinks such as soda or beer, bad eating habits such as eating fast, chewing gum or talking while chewing. This happens because air enters and gases are created during the digestion process.

To avoid or reduce the appearance of these gases, we can take one of the best natural remedies that are infusions for gases, then we will talk about the 10 most useful and beneficial for it.

Our selection of the 10 infusions for gases


This plant can become your new ally to prevent gas as it has a large amount of antioxidant substances and has active ingredients in alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins. An infusion of Boldo will help the proper functioning of the liver, the gallbladder and will also provide a slight sedative effect. So yes, it helps reduce gas but it also provides other benefits. Among the other benefits, apart from the elimination of gases, we find that it eliminates toxins, helps the intestine and prevents the accumulation of gases. Boldo tea is perfect to combat a swollen gut.


If you are going to make an infusion for gases with cardamom , you should know that you are following the right path to solve your problem since cardamom stands out for stimulating digestion as a carminative and tonic, which is ideal for gaining appetite, as well as preventing stomach heaviness , bloating and gas.

Its preparation would be ideal if, in addition to cardamom, we mixed star anise, cinnamon stick and licorice root. These four ingredients together and at a high temperature will help us prevent gas and bloating.


Mint is a plant that in the form of an infusion provides many benefits that you probably already know, it is a plant that is very easy to get and very accessible Among its benefits we find that they facilitate digestion, constipation and decrease gas . This mint infusion can help us reduce stomach heaviness, nausea and colic. With which, if you find yourself in a situation where these problems abound in your day to day, you already know how to solve it.


Making an infusion of anise after a meal will be a very good solution that will help you control flatulence and intestinal inflammation. Anise is a plant that has the ability to eliminate toxins and help digestion.

Although it provides advantages, you should keep in mind that if you are pregnant it is not recommended that you get an anise infusion because it stimulates the uterus and can cause problems. Its preparation is as simple as boiling water and adding the anise stars.


Caraway is a plant that contains essential oil with digestive properties. Among its benefits related to gases we find that it helps to eliminate gases and reduce flatulence, in addition it can also calm gastrointestinal spasms. The best way to take it is as an infusion, so if you are bloated or have gas problems, making a caraway infusion is a great solution and you will also see results very quickly.

white pennyroyal

The pennyroyal plant is often used in the form of an infusion as it provides many benefits for metabolism, including being able to reduce gas and bloating. It stands out because it has carminative properties that reduce the presence of gases and therefore prevent flatulence and unwanted belching that make us feel so uncomfortable.


Bay leaf is a leaf that will surely sound familiar to you because it is normally used to flavor food, but the truth is that it has a somewhat hidden use and that is that its leaves are also used to prepare infusions and its benefits are also very useful. With its intake, they treat abdominal distension or a swollen belly and also help prevent gas and belching . We could say that it is a soothing for digestion, making this process easier. Surely you have some bay leaf at home, so do not hesitate to try it and see the results.


Surely you know the thousand uses that chamomile has , since its infusions are very versatile and can help you a lot. What you may not know is that they can also help you eliminate gas , thanks to its properties, it relieves stomach pain, inflammation, flatulence and ulcers. For it to be effective, the ideal is to drink 2-3 cups a day. Among its properties we see that it is anti-inflammatory and carminative, thus making it easier to reduce gas in the digestive tract. On the other hand, it reduces pain and distension.


Cumin components are ideal for making an infusion to reduce gas as they help proper stomach health thanks to its anti-flatulence properties . In addition, it is good for combating colic and other intestinal problems related to slow and heavy digestions.


Fennel is also a plant that helps to eliminate gases , thanks to its properties it prevents air from accumulating in the stomach and thus prevents flatulence. It is also a plant that is highly recommended by babies, so if you have a baby that suffers from gas this could also be one of the solutions.

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