7 Gourmet Teas You Should Try Cold

Have you noticed it too? The heat is coming and, let’s be honest, you don’t feel like a good cup of tea so much anymore, do you? Do not! Good tea does not understand temperature. Here are a few ideas to replace your steaming hot cup of tea with a refreshing cold tea using varieties that are less … Read more

How to cold brew tea

It is not essential to heat water to enjoy a good tea. There is a preparation method that allows tea to be infused cold and achieve really interesting results. We explain how to do it. The tradition of cold infusion comes from Japan, where it has been carried out for hundreds of years. It is a different experience, … Read more

How to prepare the best iced tea and with which teas

We are used to drinking hot tea, no matter what variety it is. However, iced tea is gaining more and more ground because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to drink something refreshing on a hot summer day? The stimulating and, at the same time, relaxing properties of tea, two benefits that must be thanked for its content … Read more

Cold tea. Remedy against heat

Cold tea The heat of summer has arrived. The embarrassment begins and can’t stop drinking, but can’t spend all day giving the beer (those summer pounds are starting and it can’t be) and the water… it’s so boring. Don’t feel like drinking hot tea, although in Morocco they drink green tea with mint and it quenches … Read more