Top 10 recipes of Matcha Tea

For those people who do not like to drink coffee, a good alternative is to opt for organic infusions. Once you enter their world, it’s hard to turn back. Of course, talking about tea is not talking about the bags that are sold there and that always taste bitter. No, we are referring to true infusions that are … Read more

What is matcha tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

It’s ateawidely consumed in Japan because it has infinities of beneficial properties for health, the meaning of its name is “rubbed or ground tea”. The first to consume this ground tea were the Chinese, but the Japanese were the ones who perfected its preparation. In this post we will talk about what matcha tea is , flavor, uses and … Read more

Matcha tea benefits, ingredients and side effects

Today, most health professionals agree on the benefits of consistently drinking teas. There are several that doctors recommend including in diets. Among the most popular and also most recommended by experts is matcha tea, about which we will share information in this space about the Matcha Tea Benefits, ingredients and side effects. If you do not know what matcha tea … Read more

Matcha tea for bloating: does it help?

Matcha tea has grown in popularity around the world for its countless medicinal and healing properties. This green powder is the result of pulverizing its leaves, multiplying, in this way, 10 times the usual benefits of green tea. In this post we will talk about matcha tea for swelling , does it help? Due to its high amino acid … Read more

How to drink matcha to lose weight?

Teas have many functions that are positive for our health. One of them, without a doubt, is being able to lose weight. In this post, we will share relevant information about one of these drinks, which fulfill this function. Specifically, we will explain how to drink matcha tea to lose weight. It is important to mention that the matcha … Read more

How much caffeine is in matcha tea?

Matcha tea is one of the most popular in the world, because its flavor is very pleasant and it is also quite good for health. In this post, we will share several facts that you may not have known about this drink. Among the information that we will discuss below, is the amount of caffeine in matcha tea. … Read more

What happens if you drink matcha tea every day?

Surely you have ever wondered what happens if I drink matcha tea every day. This drink has become very popular over the years. Its properties have made it a very interesting drink that is supported by certain investigations. It is also ideal to offer in your hotel, cafeteria or restaurant business, so buys bulk matcha tea and delight your customers … Read more