How much caffeine is in matcha tea?

Matcha tea is one of the most popular in the world, because its flavor is very pleasant and it is also quite good for health. In this post, we will share several facts that you may not have known about this drink. Among the information that we will discuss below, is the amount of caffeine in matcha tea.

According to experts, a cup of this tea contains a greater amount of caffeine than one of coffee. This is because a 1g serving has approximately 35mg of caffeine. The flavor of matcha tea is usually much stronger than that of coffee, so it is advisable to add a considerable amount of sugar to be able to ingest it easily.

Doctors recommend ingesting a maximum of three cups of matcha tea a day, since consuming a larger amount can suffer various consequences due to the caffeine it contains. Among the contraindications that can be suffered when ingesting this drink, is insomnia, so it is not advisable to drink matcha tea late at night.

In addition to this information, in this post you will learn many others that are quite relevant for the consumption of matcha tea to be beneficial for you.

Who can’t drink matcha tea?

Due to the high amount of caffeine in matcha tea , there are some cases in which it is not recommended to drink it. It is important that you know this information, so that you can determine if it is convenient for you to include this drink in your diet.

Among the cases in which doctors recommend that this drink not be ingested is that of people suffering from anemia, since the caffeine in matcha tea can quickly absorb iron from food. Those who are taking medication to control blood pressure should also not consume this drink.

According to health experts, the matcha tea is also not recommended for people who suffer from any cardiac pathology. Usually, doctors also indicate that someone with kidney disease cannot include matcha tea in her recipes either.

It is not recommended that children drink this drink, since the body needs to be well developed so as not to suffer contraindications from this intake. As mentioned above, this drink tends to taste quite bitter, so it is not pleasant for children.

What is the best time to drink matcha tea?

If you are one of the people who want to take care of their health by drinking this type of drink, you should find out about the best time to drink matcha tea. It is best to drink this drink in the morning, since thanks to its properties, the mind is quite stimulated.

For people who exercise, it is advisable that 30 minutes before starting any routine, they drink a serving of matcha tea, as this can help burn fat much faster. The amount that is recommended to take per day is two to three cups maximum, preferably after each meal, to help digestion.

How long does the matcha effect last?

One of the reasons why this drink has become so popular all over the world has to do with the duration of the effects it provides. Regarding the energy that this drink provides, it can last from 4 to 6 hours, being much more effective than coffee in terms of the contributions it provides for mental health.

During this period of time, the effect of the matcha allows you to remain attentive, focused and with a calm mind, without nervousness or stress.

What does matcha tea contain?

Each of the benefits that have been mentioned above are possible thanks to the properties of this tea. Among the components of this natural drink are the following: Vitamin C, folic acid, L-theanine, catechins, among others.

As for calories, this drink contains very few. According to experts, matcha tea has only 3. According to experts, each 100 g matcha tea, the fat content is only 6 g, while protein is approximately 20 g. Another component that stands out in terms of this drink is protein.

What are the benefits of green tea with matcha?

It is important to emphasize that matcha is a green tea. This type of drink has many benefits that are worth mentioning, to increase interest in its consumption. Keep reading and you will be able to find out about the advantages of matcha green tea.

Mental health is one of the aspects that this drink deals with, because it is scientifically proven that people who drink matcha tea regularly obtain great contributions in terms of relaxation, stress reduction, concentration, among many others. In addition to this, this tea can prevent various eye complications.

Another benefit that the matcha green tea is to lose weight in a much faster way, since as mentioned above, it helps to burn fat. Added to this, this drink reduces cholesterol levels, keeps skin healthy, strengthens the immune system and fights constipation.

How do you drink matcha green tea?

The matcha green tea is one of the most versatile natural drinks in terms of its consumption. This is because the benefits are not reduced by temperature, since both hot and cold can be eaten without any problem. The flavor can also be improved according to the tastes of the person who is going to eat it, by adding different ingredients.

In addition to sugar, other elements that can be included in the matca green tea recipe are lemon, milk, ginger, cinnamon, orange juice, among many others. However, before including any of these ingredients in the recipe, it is advisable to visit a doctor and ask for the necessary recommendations to avoid contraindications.

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