What is Bubble Tea and how to make it at home

Boba Tea, Bubble Tea or Bubble Tea  is in fashion, it is consumed everywhere. At Sweetea we love tea, so we put the objects aside to  really tell you  what Bubble Tea is all about. It is that when something is imposed so strongly, marketing destroys the subject in all areas. But at Sweetea we love tea, so we … Read more

Te Mate: source of vitamins and trace elements

Te Mate is a source of vitamins and trace elements. A great source of nutrients and energy with easy digestion that helps quench thirst and also has appetite suppressant properties. The taste of yerba mate is fruity and slightly bitter. Mate tea is often offered in variations with cherry, orange, or mint flavors.  What is Te Mate for? Te Mate can be drunk to strengthen the … Read more

Green and red Rooibos tea: uses and preparation

Besides red rooibos, Another variety of this shrub that grows only in Africa is becoming known. It’s about him Green Rooibos natural, which is practically a “green tea” (without theine) from Rooibos and is characterized by its slightly acidic, fresh taste and which, moreover, is a very healthy treat with many valuable ingredients. It is not by … Read more

Tea culture in Sri Lanka and Ceylon Tea

The British used the colony of Ceylon until 1869 as one of the main sources of coffee , when a fungal disease destroyed almost all the coffee plantations and caused an economic collapse on the island. It was then that the sir james taylor he came to the island and helped and introduced imported tea plants from India. The … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Make Dandelion Tea Taste Better

Dandelion is a medicinal plant widely used for its benefits. It is an excellent alternative to relieve fluid retention, high cholesterol levels, constipation and uric acid. However, it is important to know how to prepare it to take advantage of these properties. That is why we bring you this article where we will give you 5 easy ways … Read more

English, Scottish and Irish breakfast tea. What is the difference?

In most countries of the world, teas are a fundamental part of the diet of citizens, due to the multiple benefits they provide in terms of health. In this space, we will share several relevant data about certain differences between various classes of this drink, specifically between two breakfast teas, which are English, Scottish and Irish.  It … Read more

How to drink dandelion tea to lose weight

Have you imagined how a cup of tea can change your appearance? There are studies that indicate that it is possible. Just 20 ml of infusion helps relieve stomach problems, abdominal inflammation, reduce bad breath, etc. In this post we will tell you how to drink dandelion tea to lose weight . Now that the Christmas festivities are approaching, excesses … Read more