What is Bubble Tea and how to make it at home

Boba Tea, Bubble Tea or Bubble Tea  is in fashion, it is consumed everywhere.

At Sweetea we love tea, so we put the objects aside to  really tell you  what Bubble Tea is all about.

It is that when something is imposed so strongly, marketing destroys the subject in all areas. But at Sweetea we love tea, so we put the stuff aside to really tell you what Bubble Tea is all about.

It is an incredibly unique looking sweet drink, very attractive . Bubble tea is a Taiwanese recipe made by mixing a tea base with milk, fruit, and fruit juices , then adding the unique “bubbles”—delicious tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom.

These delicious fruit and tea drinks ( black , green , or whatever variety you like) can be served piping hot or iced, making for a versatile and extravagant nectar.

The bubble tea is served in clear cups with a thick straw so that as you sip, the tapioca balls (also known as “pearls” or “boba”) rise up and can be chewed along with the delicious liquid.

It’s called bubble tea for both the tapioca balls and the floating “bubbles” created when you mix with the sherbet.

Who invented bubble tea?

It’s a very recent trend in the West: Instagram is full of photos shared in the last year.

Rumor has it that the blend first appeared in Asia in the 1980s. If you travel to Taiwan or Hong Kong, you’ll see cute Bubble Tea shops on every corner.

Taiwanese tea stalls became very popular as a meeting place or happy hour at sunset. This created a certain competitive atmosphere in the tea market, and merchants began to find and make more and more creative variations by combining tea with other beverages.

From Taiwan, its popularity has spread to China, Australia, the United States and now to Latin America.

What are the “pearls” made of? Tapioca or cassava?

The pearls used in Bubble Tea are made from tapioca flour, cocoa, and sugar . You can get them at Chinese food stores or make them at home.

Tapioca flour is obtained by grinding the cassava root and unlike other flours it contains only starch. It is important to note that it does not contain gluten.

When you make the pearls and mix them with cold water, the starch absorbs water and floats. If the mixtures with hot tea swell and have a more gelatinous consistency.

How is the Bubble Tea?

Served in a clear cup to show off its bubbly qualities, bubble tea can be prepared in many ways.

In addition to using red tea, green tea , oolong or black tea , and Sweetea blended teas , fresh fruit, crushed ice, and milk or condensed milk are often included. After mixing all the ingredients, you need a complete shake and that’s when the drink gets all its color.

The taste is that of a sweet, exotic delicacy depending on the tea you have chosen, refreshing if it is with ice and really exquisite. It comes in as many flavors of teas as fruit, so you can dare to choose.

The tapioca pearls, found at the bottom of the cup, are chewy if it is a cold Bubble Tea and gelatinous if it is hot. You can buy or make pearls of different flavors and they are usually black, but there are also white or transparent ones, which makes the drink quite similar to a passion fruit.

Prepare bubble tea at home

If you can now buy it even in coffee shops, why go to the trouble of making a Bubble Tea at home?

To begin with, because it is super easy. Second, it’s healthy! Among the undoubted benefits of tea plus vitamins from natural fruits are giving your body a burst of health.

In addition, at home you can ensure that you are using the highest quality Sweetea tea and natural fruits instead of the artificial syrups that many coffee shops use. Obviously, homemade is always better.

Third, it’s a lot cheaper than paying someone to mix a couple of ingredients. And lastly, the convenience of making this delicacy in your own home means you can enjoy it and soak up the sun on your balcony without ever having to go outside or get in the car.

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