Does white Tea have Theine?

Discover the content of Theine in White Tea

Many consumers tend to worry about the level of caffeine that white tea usually has. There are several people who suffer from hypertension and therefore cannot consume tea in large quantities because it can be seen to affect their health.

Theine or caffeine is a substance found in all kinds of tea, the only ones that can be considered teas are those that have come from the Camellia Sinensis plant , therefore they must always keep in mind amounts of this substance in greater or lesser amounts. measures.

There is no tea that has absolutely no caffeine, even desteinated teas contain a small amount of caffeine. Theine or caffeine appear naturally in the tea leaves, the amount of caffeine that will contribute to the tea depends on the variety, processing method, infusion time, water temperatures, among other characteristics.

Some studies carried out indicated that white tea varies in caffeine due to several factors, the amount of tea leaves when making it, the mixture with some type of other tea, the preparation time. The amount of caffeine in a cup of white tea is less than a cup of espresso.

White tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants among the classification of teas, it has a high vitamin content, which is why it is so consumed. It helps the immune system, since it hardly goes through a period of oxidation, which is why its leaves are green and very tender.

What is theine?

Theine is an alkaloid substance, it contains the same components as caffeine. It acts on the central nervous system, the respiratory system and the urinary system. However, there is a difference between caffeine and theine.

Theine is an amino acid found in tea, which helps reduce stress and relaxation. This component works in coordination with caffeine to calm the body’s systems, but always without reducing the feeling of alertness that caffeine provides.

Both theine and caffeine are the same in the sense that they belong to the same molecule, theine is used to differentiate the stimulant substance found in this plant.

The high levels of antioxidants found in white tea help to slowly absorb caffeine, which would result in the caffeine slowing down its reaction and duration of its effect.

How much theine does a white tea have?

Despite the fact that theine and caffeine are the same molecule, theine, thanks to its antioxidants that tea possesses, are released more slowly in the body, which helps to keep us focused and vital.

A 220 ml cup of white tea has between 10 to 15 mg of theine. Some of the people refrain from drinking white tea because of its caffeine content, this tea is perhaps among the teas that has the least content. This is the freshest that has not gone through as many fermentation processes as the other classes of the same species.

Those that contain the highest theine content have around 40mg per cup. Among the types of Chinese white tea, the one with the highest caffeine content is Silver Needles (Bai hao Yinzhen) which has a light color and a milder flavor.

Shou Mei white tea is darker in color and has a stronger flavor, but it has less caffeine.

When ingesting white tea in excess, the theine it contains stimulates the brain to be alert and reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness, it also increases respiratory rate and diuresis.

The high consumption of theine can cause some health problems, it can even cause an addiction. Therefore, you should not only control the consumption of white tea, but that of any other type of tea since they have more amounts of theine.

White tea, having a low caffeine content, could be taken at any time of the day, without exceeding 4 cups a day so that it does not affect the nervous system, acquiring its powerful benefits and antioxidant properties to keep us young.

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