5 herbal teas for the end of winter

Here are some hot and balsamic herbal teas to enjoy the last days of winter, so as to open the doors of spring without coughs, colds and sore throats!

Winter slowly fades away, giving way to the first buds and the days that lengthen and make us barely feel the warmth of spring. But be careful not to let your guard down! In fact, it is precisely in this period that the classic colds and sore throats occur at the end of winter.

Prevent and assist with the help of warm herbal teas, in view of the purification that will mark the passage of the season. Yes to red fruits, berries, soothing herbs, but also spices, such as cinnamon and cloves, and balsamic plants to warm the body and soul: here are the five herbal teas for the end of winter!

Here are 5 herbal tea recipes recommended for this very period.

1. Composite herbal tea, balsamic, soothing, disinfectant

> 20 g of mallow ,
> flowers and leaves,
> 20 g of hedge mustard ,
> 20 g of spirea ,
> 5 g of thyme or pine or eucalyptus buds,
> 15 g of cinnamon,
> 20 g of sweet orange peel.

Preparation: leave a level spoonful of mixture per cup to infuse for about five minutes.

Usage: drink one cup a day, preferably in the late afternoon.

Properties: the mallow contained in this herbal tea is a herb with beneficial effects in case of cough and specific for soothing problems with organs such as the intestine, while cinnamon is an excellent natural antiseptic and disinfectant , it promotes digestion and fights colds. Thyme, eucalyptus and pine are perfect for clearing the airways .

2. Ginger tea

> 25 g of fresh root ginger ,
> 15 g of licorice,
> 15 g of 
hibiscus > 5 g of cloves.

Preparation: boil the fresh ginger root for three/four minutes, turn off the heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Leave to infuse for a few more minutes before filtering into cups, sweetened to taste with honey.

Use: a tonic and invigorating herbal tea that will warm up your afternoons.

Properties:  licorice refreshes, is anti  inflammatory and expectorant ; while cloves act as anti-inflammatories and have analgesic and antiseptic effects , working as a natural anesthetic against sore throats; ginger is antibacterial, tonic, disinfectant.

3. Green rooibos herbal tea


>  organic green rooibos leaves.

Green rooibos, or green rooibos, comes from the same plant as pure rooibos, only it doesn’t go through the fermentation process. Green rooibos has more beneficial properties than red rooibos , so the oxidation process takes something away from the plant.

Preparation: leave a level spoonful of mixture per cup to infuse for about five minutes.

Usage: drink one or two cups a day, mid-morning or in the afternoon

Properties : it is a real panacea. Green rooibos is rich in minerals , including phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, calcium and manganese. It has an invigorating and antioxidant action , ideal for preparing the body for spring.

4. Laurel herbal tea

> 25 g orange peel, > 25 g bay
leaves , > 25 g cinnamon peel, > 20 g lemon peel  > 3 cloves.

Preparation: boil everything for a couple of minutes and leave a spoon full of the mixture to infuse for about three minutes in 500 ml of water.

Usage: drink one cup a day, preferably in the evening before going to bed.

Properties : the laurel-based infusion, drunk hot before going to bed, causes profuse sweating, managing to attenuate the symptoms of flu and colds . Sipped after meals, it manages, thanks to the essences contained, to facilitate digestion and eliminate annoying intestinal gas .

5. Simple clove herbal tea

> a couple of cups of water,
> 4 cloves ,
> a couple of fresh lemon
peels, > honey

Preparation: boil a large cup of water with the cloves and lemon peels, add the honey and stir slowly until completely dissolved. Now add a few drops of lemon.

Usage: drink one cup a day, preferably in the late afternoon.

Properties: it has already been said that cloves have fantastic antiseptic and anesthetizing properties; if combined with the disinfectant effect of lemon and the nourishing and calming effect of honey , an excellent anti-cold mix is ​​obtained in just a few minutes.

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