Herbal teas for the evening

The evening comes, often with its loads of anxiety and difficulty in calming down or relaxing completely: therefore, emollient and sweet herbal teas come to our aid, which help the mind, heart and nerves to slip without weights into the arms of Morpheus.

The ideal herbal teas for the evening are the emollient, relaxing ones, which help the body in the digestive process and accompany it gently in the arms of Morpheus.

They are sweet and delicate herbal teas, based on herbs such as mallow, linden, chamomile, lemon balm ; but they can also have a more decisive taste and even more specific properties, in this case we find among the ingredients herbs such as passion flower, valerian, hawthorn, verbena, lavender or escholzia .

You are therefore discovering a natural way to say goodbye to anxieties, overlapping thoughts, nervous tics and difficulty falling asleep: it is always good, for each individual case, to also hear the opinion of a specialist or expert.

Here are some tips on the most suitable recipes for evening herbal teas.

Linden and chamomile herbal tea

Ingredients for 2 people : > a teaspoon of dried chamomile
flowers , > a teaspoon of dried linden flowers

Preparation : in about 200 ml of boiling water, with the heat off, add the chamomile flowers and linden flowers. Leave to infuse for about 5 minutes and then drink the herbal tea as it is or with the addition of a teaspoon of honey. Drink the herbal tea in the evening before going to sleep or when you are feeling particularly stressed.

To relax the nerves and promote sleep, there is nothing better than chamomile flowers, with a sedative, digestive and anti-inflammatory effect ; linden, on the other hand, has calming, diuretic and relaxing properties .

Herbal tea with verbena and lemon balm

Ingredients for 2 people:
> a teaspoon of dried verbena,
> a teaspoon of dried lemon balm.

Preparation : in about 200 ml of boiling water, turn off the heat and add the herbs. Leave to infuse for about 5 minutes and then drink the herbal tea as it is or with the addition of a teaspoon of honey. Ideal after a day of fatigue, especially physical.
Verbena has a powerful calming and relaxing effect, fights migraines and insomnia. Melissa is able to relax the muscles and the entire nervous system, giving calm and tranquility.

Hawthorn and lavender herbal tea

Ingredients for 2 people:
> a scant teaspoon of dried hawthorn
> a pinch of dried lavender flowers.

Preparation : put the herbs in boiling water, about 200 ml, for 4 minutes. Drain and drink hot before going to bed, adding honey to taste.

The flavonoids present in hawthorn exert a strong sedative action on the nervous system, while lavender has excellent calming and relaxing properties, and a pinch is enough, as its aroma can be particularly strong on the palate.

Herbal tea with passionflower, mallow and valerian

Ingredients for 2 people:
> a pinch of dried passionflower flowers >
half a teaspoon of dried valerian
> half a teaspoon of mallow.

Preparation : boil about 200 ml of water in a saucepan, turn off the heat and leave the herbs to infuse for about 5 minutes before drinking in the evening, before going to bed.

Passionflower has a significant effect on the nervous system, promoting a good night’s rest and calming anxiety. Valerian, a well-known natural anxiolytic, calms migraines and headaches, while mallow, if taken after a meal, promotes digestion and is a fantastic emollient for the body.

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