Natural Stevia vs Chemical Stevia

Stevia is a resource that nature gave us to be able to sweeten our drinks and food naturally and with a variety of properties for our health. At the same time, the different formulas based on this plant from Paraguay and Brazil have generated great controversy. Many products are shown to be naturally sweetened, but in … Read more

Benefits of drinking tea with stevia

We all like to enjoy tea recipes or infusions with a touch of sweetness, tea being a healthy, light drink and proven beneficial for our health, when adding refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, it remains almost the same as a fancy drink or artificial juice. Little by little, people have become aware of the problems … Read more

How to recognize the quality of a tea?

There are so many different brands of tea to choose from that we obviously believe they are all quality. But is this so? Of course not. It is important to have a general idea of ​​how to recognize good quality tea.  Generally, there are four factors that determine the quality of a tea: appearance, color, fragrance and taste. Of … Read more

Differences between green tea and white tea

Many people are surprised when they discover that all teas (white, green , oolong, black , red ) come from the leaves of the same tree. But it is so, all these varieties come from Camellia sinensis and although the climate and soil influence the final flavors, what really determines the variety of a tea is the processing system that the leaves undergo. The determining … Read more