Benefits of drinking tea with stevia

We all like to enjoy tea recipes or infusions with a touch of sweetness, tea being a healthy, light drink and proven beneficial for our health, when adding refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, it remains almost the same as a fancy drink or artificial juice.

Little by little, people have become aware of the problems caused by sugar or artificial sweeteners; such as sugar addiction, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, stomach problems, fatigue, stress, etc.

Today people are already looking for healthier alternatives to sweeten their food and drinks, this is where the stevia sweetener comes into play. Stevia is a plant that in its natural state, its components are up to 100 to 300 times sweeter than refined sugar and it does not contain carbohydrates, calories or artificial ingredients. 

Although it does not have a strong flavor, its taste and sensation of sweetness is longer lasting than that of white sugar or chemical sweeteners, which makes it even more attractive. This is how tea lovers are using stevia to sweeten their cups and not only for that, but also because it has endless properties and benefits for our body that are complemented by those provided by tea leaves.

Tea lovers have raised this drink to an art, not only because of its refined flavors, textures, and colors, but now because of how it should be sweetened, so that it does not affect the flavor, properties, or benefits.

The difference between drinking tea with stevia and not with sugar is noticeable:

  •         Stevia does not harm your teeth
  •         Stevia is not fattening
  •         No processing or refining necessary
  •         it’s sweeter
  •         Helps regulate blood pressure
  •         Helps lower blood glucose level


Stevia is not related to any type of health problem, there is no research that says that it has negative effects on our body, on the contrary, there are many properties of stevia that are absolutely beneficial for our body.

You may be interested in learning more about what stevia is . You can find multiple benefits, including knowing that it has no calories, no caffeine, helps absorb fat, is a natural anxiolytic and more!

However, taking it in excess, like all things, is not good for our health. The recommendation is always to take it to its proper measure, not in large quantities and responsibly.

Tea and infusions

Tea varies in color, texture and flavor depending on its oxidation, with this its properties and benefits also vary, some have more others less, but the wonderful thing is that they all have good things to deliver not only to our body but also to our mind . 

Know the types of tea and all the benefits of drinking tea . You will be able to find that its antioxidant properties are unique in the world, it is energizing, antidepressant, it protects the immune system, the digestive system and much more depending on the type of tea.

How to properly drink tea with stevia and what are its benefits?

The best way to consume tea with stevia is for it to be as little processed as possible. The leaves are the most used for sweetening and should not go through any other processing as they are sweet in themselves. You can also use it in tea fresh, ground, powdered, liquid or capsules. The important thing is that it follows the same natural line of tea and has not been so processed.

Properties and benefits of tea with stevia

  •         Helps fat absorption
  •         protect our heart
  •         Recommended for diabetics
  •         Anxiolytic and anti-stress is an energizer and antidepressant
  •         Contains no calories, sodium, or carbohydrates
  •         Helps regulate “bad” cholesterol
  •         Helps regulate metabolism
  •         Facilitates digestion

Complementing these two worlds of nature will only provide us with benefits, tea with stevia is one of the best alternatives and is increasingly consumed. For lovers of the natural, drinking this drink that our planet gives us is a perfect choice.

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