Benefits of cinnamon in chai tea

When you drink the delicious Chai Tea, you are incorporating into your daily routine one of the ancient customs of India that have been maintained to this day. But you probably don’t know that the benefits of cinnamon contained in this exquisite tea surpass many of the nutritional supplements currently on the market. With Chai tea you can … Read more

14 Properties and Benefits of Chai Tea

There is no doubt that Chai tea is delicious. But, for some reason, it has been more than 2,500 years that many people continue to take advantage of the properties and benefits of Chai tea. Discover them. If you usually frequent Indian food restaurants or if you have traveled to India or simply like its cuisine, it … Read more

What is ginger tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

Undoubtedly, among the most popular drinks that exist, due to the multiple benefits they offer in terms of maintaining good health, are teas, which can be combined in various recipes to further improve their flavor. One of the most popular and recommended by health professionals is ginger tea. It is important to mention that ginger tea is … Read more

How to drink ginger tea to lose weight

The ginger tea is very effective in losing weight, since it burns fat naturally, especially saturated fat and that which is located in the abdomen. In addition, ginger is rich in gingerol, zingerone and paradol, substances that help fight sore throat, gastrointestinal symptoms, nausea, colic and vomiting. In this post you will learn how to drink ginger tea … Read more