4 New Rooibos Tea Recipes

if you didn’t know, is an infusion that comes from the leaves of the Aspatathus Linearis plant , and which became famous not only for its sweet flavor but also for its very striking and characteristic red color . Rooibos infusion contains a large amount of minerals and, like many teas, contains antioxidants and phenolic compounds, all of which are … Read more

What is Rooibos tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

At present, many people believe that, in order to have a balanced diet, it is necessary to include teas in the diet. It is for this reason that in this post you will be able to learn several interesting facts about one of them. Specifically, you will be able to read all the information you need to … Read more

Rooibos Tea Benefits: Ingredients and Side Effects

Natural drinks are quite beneficial for health, because their properties serve to prevent many diseases and keep our body in good condition. It is important to find out about it to enjoy these advantages. In this post, we will tell you about the benefits of Rooibos tea. It is important to mention that this intake, for its preparation … Read more

How to drink Rooibos tea to lose weight

Also called red bush tea, it can help us lose those extra kilos that bother and ugly our figure. One of its properties makes this possible, it is a natural diuretic that helps cleanse the body and prevents fluid retention. In this article that we bring you, we will tell you how to drink Rooibos tea for … Read more

Red tea : a complete guide

Red tea is the name we usually give in the West to pu-erh, a tea from China, with a great history, great health benefits and a peculiar but pleasant earthy taste. Red tea is highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its medicinal properties as a purifier.  What is the pu erh, common confusions Pu-erh is … Read more

Benefits of Red tea for weight loss

Tea is well known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and health-promoting properties. Red tea (the precious Chinese pu-erh) is a very peculiar kind of tea, not only for its taste but also for its health effects. This is largely due to the fermentation it goes through during its manufacturing process. In it, yeasts and bacteria act on the composition … Read more

The properties of Red tea

Red tea (as we know Chinese pu-erh in the West) is a very particular tea. During its manufacturing process, it goes through a phase of microbial fermentation that causes compounds and chemical activities that are very beneficial for health to appear. Red tea is a medicinal herb. In recent decades, numerous universities, mainly in China and Japan, … Read more

How to prepare the perfect cup of red tea

Pu-erh, better known in the West as red tea, is one of the most unusual teas in the world due to the way it is made. During this, the tea is allowed to ferment for a while in a controlled environment. This gives it a characteristic earthy flavor and very particular health benefits. Red tea is a delicate tea. The … Read more

When should you avoid Red tea

Do not be afraid: red tea is a healthy drink, for this reason, natural medicine recommends it to treat all kinds of diseases and discomforts. However, there are contraindications of red tea that can affect certain people in some circumstances. We tell you everything below. The properties of red tea Pu- erh, red tea, comes from the Camellia … Read more

When to drink red tea: myths and truths

Today we have set out to analyze the main recommendations that circulate about when to drink red tea and separate the verified information from the myths that surround this infusion. Red tea, or pu-erh, is considered a medicinal herb in China. For this reason, its consumption is recommended to treat all kinds of ailments ranging from high cholesterol … Read more