How to drink Rooibos tea to lose weight

Also called red bush tea, it can help us lose those extra kilos that bother and ugly our figure. One of its properties makes this possible, it is a natural diuretic that helps cleanse the body and prevents fluid retention. In this article that we bring you, we will tell you how to drink Rooibos tea for weight loss.

This type of tea comes from a South African tree and has as many benefits as red tea, but with the difference that Rooibos has no contraindications or side effects. Due to its antioxidant properties, it helps fight free radicals. Because it does not come from a tea plant, it does not contain caffeine or any type of alkaloid, so it is highly recommended to consume it.

What are the benefits of Rooibos tea for weight loss?

Rooibos tea is not exactly a tea, rather it is an infusion because it comes from a tree and not from a tea plant. It is known as red bush tea and for its slimming properties is causing a furor among those who want to lose weight. We will see below some of the most outstanding properties of this healthy drink, so you will understand why you lose weight.

  • for their antioxidant properties contributes to the acceleration of cell metabolism and digestion.
  • As it is a natural diuretic, it easily eliminates toxins, cleanses the body and prevents fluid retention and, therefore, cellulite.
  • Improves digestion. Rooibos tea is excellent for the digestive system because it improves it and reduces inflammation in the stomach.
  • It facilitates metabolism because it prevents constipation.
  • In Africa it is widely used in both adults and children because it does not contain caffeine, so it does not alter the central nervous system.
  • As it does not have tannins, it facilitates the absorption of iron.
  • This drink surpasses some very popular drinks such as: coffee, green tea and black tea.
  • As it does not contain oxalic acid, it does not stimulate the appearance of kidney stones, so it is recommended in patients who suffer from it.
  • Rooibos tea has an antioxidant called chrysoeriol that prevents the arteries from narrowing and hardening, making it excellent for avoiding cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, improving blood circulation and reducing bad cholesterol.

To take advantage of all these benefits, it is recommended that it be drunk in the early hours of the morning without food in the stomach. There are studies that show that consuming it daily for six months helps heart function and reduces bad cholesterol.

Ways to drink Rooibos tea to lose weight

The Rooibos tea for weight loss has no contraindications, all its properties are beneficial and it can be drunk frequently. Since it does not contain theine, it can be drunk daily without this representing a problem, as it does with other teas. It can be drunk after each meal because it does not absorb iron and even by people who suffer from high blood pressure.

To take advantage of its slimming properties, it is recommended that you drink 3 to 4 cups of Rooibos tea daily. However, keep in mind not to exceed consumption, because we know that everything in excess is not good for your health, so it is an excellent idea to start the day with a cup of Rooibos tea and have one before going to bed. There are several ways to prepare it, here we will tell you how.

in the form of an infusion

To prepare it as an infusion you will only need water and Rooibos, if you like it strong you should add more of it. The steps to prepare it are as follows: Take a pot and put water in it with the amount of Rooibos you want, let it herb and then strain so that you can drink your infusion without impurities. The one you have left you can put it in the fridge and you can take it throughout the day.

Steeping Rooibos tea

If you are looking for something to cool off, the Rooibos will also work for you. You must do the following: In a jug add Rooibos to your liking, sweeten it with stevia or sweetener and put it in the fridge. When you get up in the morning, remove the leaves from the jug, stir it with a spoon and it’s ready to drink.

Rooibos tea to lose weight. other infusions

There is no doubt that Rooibos tea to lose weight is an excellent resource, however, there are other very useful infusions that also contribute to the same purpose. For example, green tea that is very effective in accelerating metabolism and naturally burning fat.

There is also horsetail with which you can lose weight, thanks to its diuretic properties, allowing you to eliminate fluids and avoiding the appearance of cellulite. On the other hand, there is the grapefruit infusion that is recommended to reduce appetite, so it is very good for losing weight without having to go hungry.

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