5 easy ways to make oolong tea taste better

It’s known that tea has a lot of properties that are beneficial for health, among them: it helps to lose weight, oxidizes fat and increases metabolism. Best of all, it is very simple to prepare, and it acquires a lot of flavor without adding sugar. Find out in this article the 5 ways on how  to make oolang tea taste better .

Oolong teas owe their name to their discoverer Wi Liang, also called blue teas. The oolong meaning is “Black Dragon”. It is composed of whole leaves, it is a complex drink. In addition, it is an excellent diet tea because it speeds up metabolism, strengthens teeth and bones, and is excellent for digestion.

Have you ever tried tea that doesn’t taste good to you, despite following the steps to the letter? It may be that certain loose leaves simply don’t taste right or the quality of the tea isn’t what you expected. Whatever the reason, there are ways to enhance the flavor and make your oolong tea taste better.

1. How to make Oolong tea taste good. tea quality

What new tea drinkers do is buy tea in a bag, and we can understand them well, they are easy to use and it is convenient to take them when traveling. In addition, they are quick to prepare and easy to clean. But unfortunately its taste is not the same.

The downside of tea bags is that the leaves they contain to make Oolon tea taste good are not of high quality. In this sense, what the inside of the bags contains are broken tea leaves or dust, but it does not offer the necessary components for it to have a good taste of high quality tea.

Another drawback of tea leaves is that they are very small, which prevents the leaf from expanding properly and thus taking advantage of its flavor. Due to the above, the teas acquire a bitter taste or present a low tea profile, not of high quality. It’s like using a low quality meat for barbecue, so it is with Oolong tea bags.

The oolong tea starts with the quality of its leaves, depending on where it is grown, the climate, the nutritional content, etc. This is known as terroir, which means that depending on where it is grown, the flavor will be affected. If you need tea bags, choose large bag teas because they contain whole tea leaves.

2. Soak the leaves briefly

Another way on how to make Oolong tea taste better is the part where people often make mistakes. What you do is prepare a cup of hot water, insert the tea bag, but then your chores distract you, then when you realize your tea has been soaking for 5 or 10 minutes. What’s the score? A kind of concoction with a bitter taste, not pleasant to the palate.

Just as when you cook that you must be aware of what you have assembled, in the same way it is with the preparation of tea. You need to pay attention, Oolong tea leaves are delicate and burn in the same way as food. In this sense, Oolong tea should only be soaked for 2 minutes.

The first thing you need to do is brew a new Oolong tea blend for one minute. Then, do the test for 30 minutes until you manage to find the flavor that you like the most. The longer you let it sit, the more bitter its flavor becomes. If you want a lighter flavor, then let it sit for a shorter time.

3. How to make Oolong tea taste good. The water’s temperature

When you’re cooking food, you set the temperature on the stove, that’s the way it’s done with tea, too. In this sense, the appropriate temperature to know how to make Oolong tea taste better is 80 ° C. Japanese teas should be prepared at lower temperatures and Chinese ones, as they are more resistant, between 75 ° to 85 ° C.

The ideal way to control the temperature of the water is by using a kettle that has internal temperature control. If you don’t have one, use the stove to boil water. Once it boils, remove it from the heat and let it rest for 1 to 2 minutes.

When it reaches 65°, small bubbles form at the bottom of the container and when it reaches 75° medium-sized bubbles rise to the top. These indications are essential for those that are at sea level, but depending on the altitude it can change. It is always good to include a thermometer to know the temperature of the water.

4. Add Certain Flavor Add-Ins

Some people find the earthy or grassy taste of Oolong tea unpleasant. However, by adding a few supplements, subtle flavors can be obtained to greatly enhance the taste of the tea.

If you add a little lemon juice or a slice of it, so that the taste of the tea contrasts with the bitter taste, in case you have left the Oolong tea steeping for a long time. Also, to alternate you can add a little honey, a stevia leaf or raw sugar to give that earthy flavor a little sweetness.

On the other hand, choose to add other herbs or spices, for example, ginger, which will give it a spicy touch. Also adding some mint leaves, nutmeg or cinnamon stick will work well.

5. How to make Oolong tea taste good.

If you are still having a hard time how to make Oolong tea taste better , then try making a better tasting tea. A flavored tea is fundamentally based on tea, be it Oolong tea, black tea or green tea. Other flowers, spices or herbal teas can be mixed into this base to obtain a true, fuller flavor. For example, you can add some fresh or dried flowers to your Oolong tea.

Remember that another fundamental secret for the tea to taste good is to choose a quality organic tea, like the ones we sell in Tétique. These are always a guarantee of unique and authentic flavor and aroma.

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