Chai Tea Recipes

There is nothing richer than waking up in the morning with that aroma of preparing a chai tea , which gives us all the energy to face the day of work or studies. It is also a delight to enjoy this tea in the afternoon after a hard day and relax, feeling with each sip that unique variety … Read more

4 exquisite recipes with Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is so versatile that it pairs very well with other herbs and spices, such as our Yerba Mate Chai or the fresh Yerba Mate Rooibos Orange . The best chefs and bartenders have experimented with Yerba Mate to incorporate it into cocktails with and without alcohol, even pastries. We select these recipes that are true delicatessen. Yerba Mate is not just meant … Read more

7 great ideas for cooking with tea

Tea is not just for drinking in a cup or preparing exquisite drink recipes. If you’re not incorporating it as you cook, you’re missing out on a world of delicious culinary opportunities, from risotto to soup to smoothies to ice cream toppings. Tea is not just for drinking in a cup or preparing exquisite drink recipes. If you’re not … Read more

The best recipes for Bubble Tea

If you want to make the best bubble tea or Bubble tea at home because you prefer the good quality of homemade or you are experimenting with new drinks, this is the right place. As we explained, bubble tea can be taken hot or cold and its basic ingredients are tea of ​​different varieties, juice or small … Read more

Masala Chai easy recipe

Originally from India, the Masala Chai  has gained popularity around the world, becoming a great protagonist in many houses of tea and coffee, is what the women of India always prepare when they have friends visiting, for a getaway or a chat. He chai it gives comfort, comfort and is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Ingredients to prepare … Read more

Learn how to prepare your healthiest iced tea

Drinking cold tea is fabulous, because it refreshes and is very healthy. For those who enjoy this variety as part of their daily drinks,  iced tea  or iced tea it’s a real wild card. In addition, it can be mixed with other ingredients and give free rein to creativity.  Having a  cold tea or a hot tea  is your choice, but if you want … Read more