How green tea affects the body

Green tea is one of the most ancient and popular drinks. What are the benefits and harms of green tea for the health of women and men, how much it can be drunk per day, how it affects the body, as well as how to choose, brew and how much to store – in the RIA Novosti … Read more

The benefits of green tea for skin

The benefits of green tea for skin The benefits of green tea on the skin and the body have been recognized for centuries. It’s not for nothing that tea is the second most drunk drink after water! Thanks to its rich composition, it is also a precious ally of the skin.  Why is Green tea good for … Read more

Natural Stevia vs Chemical Stevia

Stevia is a resource that nature gave us to be able to sweeten our drinks and food naturally and with a variety of properties for our health. At the same time, the different formulas based on this plant from Paraguay and Brazil have generated great controversy. Many products are shown to be naturally sweetened, but in … Read more

Amazing Benefits of verbena Herbal Tea

Already in ancient times, verbena was associated with miraculous virtues  : it was nicknamed “Venus grass”, because it was whispered that it allowed to attract love… This perennial plant which can reach 70 cm in height presents both slightly hairy stems, leaves of different shapes and pretty flowers. Easy to grow in Europe as well as in Africa or … Read more

Top 7 Benefits of drinking mint tea

What is the use of drinking mint or spearmint tea? Mint or spearmint tea, whether hot or cold, is a truly refreshing infusion and in all its forms is capable of keeping its properties intact. Its aroma makes it a very easy to recognize tea. It is a simple, healthy and soft drink, which is prepared … Read more

Top 16 Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is  synonymous with health and is known as the drink of eternal youth for its great benefits and the large amount of antioxidants and polyphenols it contains, these are the protagonists that make green tea a help for our body health, physical and mental. This famous drink helps us fight the dreaded free radicals, keeping … Read more

Chai Tea Recipes

There is nothing richer than waking up in the morning with that aroma of preparing a chai tea , which gives us all the energy to face the day of work or studies. It is also a delight to enjoy this tea in the afternoon after a hard day and relax, feeling with each sip that unique variety … Read more

8 Milk Tea Recipes Every Tealovers Should Know

Prepare tea with milk is really easy, fast and delicious, it is a unique combination, the mild and semi-sour taste of tea, with the creamy richness of milk. There are many hot and iced versions to drink, with recipes that add more flavor and dimension to straight tea. The milk gives weight, texture and creaminess to this … Read more