11 Properties that make tea the best drink

The Chinese were the first to discover the medicinal value of tea, in those times tea was considered only as a tonic to help stop aging, promote youth, vitality, energy and ensure a long life, so they drank it exclusively the nobles or upper class, kept secret for many years.

Today history has changed a bit, today tea is not a secret, it is available to everyone and properties and benefits have been found that enrich our health, from caring for our teeth, increasing our mood, to helping to prevent diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

An endless number of varieties, depending on the degree of oxidation of the leaf, it does not matter what it is, they all have their particularity and if we add to the infusions, we have a gigantic range of drinks with rich aromas, textures, colors and flavors for all tastes, that give us moments of enjoyment and pleasure, including properties of all kinds that increase our health.

Here we leave you some of the most important and recognized properties and benefits of tea today that make tea a unique drink worldwide.

1 Antioxidants

One of the most important benefits of tea is the large amount of antioxidants it has. These are found in all teas and in some infusions, they are mainly related as helpers to prevent aging, they are responsible for tea being known as the drink of eternal youth.

It also helps us protect ourselves from the damage caused by free radicals, such as poor diet, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, pollution, etc. Teas that contain high levels of antioxidants, such as green, black or white tea, help us prevent serious diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 

2 Helps burn fat

The tea can increase exercise resistance. Scientists have found that catechins, in the extract of some teas, increase the body’s ability to burn fat and speed up metabolism. The best thing is that one of the benefits of tea is that it does not contain any type of calories. 

3 Protection for our heart

Drinking tea could help reduce the risk of heart attack and also protects us from cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. 

4 Moisturizing

Tea is hydrating for the body even if it has caffeine, since it is a different type of caffeine than coffee. 

5 Sunscreen

Tea can provide protection against ultraviolet rays, we know it is important to limit exposure to UV rays. The good news is that green tea can act as a protectant. 

6 Against diabetes

Scientists speculate that regular tea consumption decreases the risk of metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of diabetes, arterial disease, and stroke.

The tea might be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. Studies suggest that compounds in green tea might help diabetics better process sugars. 

7 Counteracts effects of smoking

Regular tea consumption might also counteract some of the negative effects of smoking and might even reduce the risk of lung cancer. 

8 Natural energizer and antidepressant

Some teas, such as black or red tea, are natural energizers and help against fatigue. They enhance memory, attention and stimulate the brain. They lower anxiety and stress levels, so they can help people who are experiencing any type of depression. 

9 Antiviral and protector of the immune system

Most teas and some infusions, such as chamomile, help prevent infections and boost the immune system. One of the benefits of tea is to be a disinfectant or antiviral and helps to relieve fever. (green tea, chamomile tea, mint tea)

10 Astringent

Many of the teas have astringent properties, especially if taken without sugar or with stevia, as it neutralizes excess acids in the mouth and helps kill germs. (green tea or mint tea)

11 Protector of the digestive system

Some teas and infusions of chamomile or mint help to strengthen and protect the digestive system. It is used for problems such as diarrhea, pain, spasms, gastritis, swelling, etc. 

Although most of the research on tea is highly positive, not everything is definitive or miraculous, always to achieve good results, it must be complemented with exercise routines and healthy eating and always remember that it is a great help, not a definitive solution. .

  •         Always take it smooth and maximum 80 degrees so as not to kill the properties and benefits of the tea
  •         All teas are different according to their processing
  •         Don’t take in excess
  •         It is not recommended for children
  •         Some teas cannot be taken at night
  •         Various teas cannot be taken on an empty stomach
  •         Avoid sugar. Sweetening with stevia enhances the properties and benefits of the tea
  •         Store in a cool, dimly lit place

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