The types of tea and its benefits

Tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water and it doesn’t matter what time it is, it’s always a good time to enjoy it, the best thing is that it not only provides us with hydration and a variety of flavors, but it has been proven that it delivers endless properties and … Read more

What teas help against excessive sweating?

Sweating is normal, but excessive sweating ( in excess of what is needed to maintain proper body temperature ) is called hyperhidrosis . This excessive sweating occurs most often on the hands, feet, face, and under the arms. There may be other medical reasons for you to sweat a lot, including the use of some medications and hot flashes from menopause. Always … Read more

5 anti-flu herbal teas and infusions

Drinking hot tea is not only super comforting when you have the flu, but it also helps your immune system, so your symptoms are a little more manageable and you can get over the flu faster. You can take the most effective teas if you have symptoms or even during flu season as a preventative measure. … Read more

Antioxidants in tea: everything you need to know

We know that antioxidants are good for your health, but what are they really? Besides tea, what foods contain them? Are antioxidants all the same? How many do we need in our diet? Is it necessary to take supplements? The answers to all these questions in a language suitable for all audiences. The main reason tea has been drunk for centuries (millennia … Read more

22 Infusions that relieve nervous system ailments

Ancient wisdom inherited from China and India, herbal teas and infusions have been used for centuries for nervous system ailments and emotional problems. This is a list of the most common ailments so that you always have on hand. 1- EXHAUSTION, LACK OF ENERGY: 2- BULIMIA OR OVEREATING: When the origin of the uncontrolled appetite is … Read more

6 Benefits of Jasmine tea

The aroma of jasmine is recognized and enjoyed in all parts of the world. Its white flowers are considered mystical, perhaps because they are identified with Arab countries (although they come from the Far East) and in the language of flowers they symbolize purity and grace. Precisely the name comes from the Persian “Yasmin” which means … Read more

The Detox Effects of Lemongrass

The best Detox teas or detox plans with herbal infusions always include Lemongrass among their ingredients. What benefits does this herb have in the detoxification process? Lemongrass detox benefits What we know as Lemongrass is a grass that is also used to decorate gardens and is known as lemongrass, lemongrass or citronella grass. In Paraguay it is … Read more