Detox Night Tea: All the benefits of detoxifying while you sleep

Surely you have ever taken green tea, or an herbal infusion such as fennel, nettle or mint to detoxify your body after an excess or as a diuretic if you were retaining fluids.

One of the best-selling teas is the Detox tea that combines green tea and herbs to achieve a cleansing effect on the liver, kidneys, intestines, vascular system, and even the skin. This daytime tea increases your metabolism by boosting natural cleansing functions and is ideal to take before breakfast, lunch or any time of the day when you are tempted to abandon the diet. Its ingredients will help you achieve a feeling of satiety for longer.

But did you know that these benefits can last while you sleep? And that you won’t run the risk of insomnia like with other stimulating tea?

Detox Night Tea: relaxes and detoxifies

Detoxification works very well at night because it is when our body uses energy to repair and regenerate tissues. In fact, the liver, which is the main organ in charge of eliminating toxins, works best between 1 and 3 am.

If we provide the solid and liquid nutrients necessary for the metabolism to remain active during the day, our body will continue to burn fat during the night.

A natural detoxification is the best option to eliminate toxins, substances that are produced during normal metabolism (metabolites) that need to be discarded, free radicals or chemicals that we ingest in processed foods. This natural process is enhanced by the use of certain herbs that act as diuretics and mild laxatives and often accompany black or green tea in detox tea recipes.

During the day these blends of tea and herbs are ideal, as they contain theine (or caffeine) , which is a stimulant that helps you face the day with energy. This becomes more relevant when we are on a diet or go to the gym, but at night this stimulating effect can cause insomnia.

For this reason, Sweetea has created the best Night Detox Tea that combines relaxing herbs to have a restful sleep and herbs that act as detoxifiers.

In this formula each herb is present because its action on the body is proven not only by the ancient culture of Chinese medicine but also by current scientific studies that support these properties. Drinking this tea twice a week or incorporating it into Sweetea’s detox challenge you will see the results in a few days: you will feel much more deflated, light and well rested at night.

What does Detox Night Tea contain?

Although detoxifying juices have become fashionable, the reality is that the active ingredients of the herbs are obtained by dissolving them in hot water, which is exactly what we do when we prepare a tea or infusion. Therefore, detox teas do contain the ingredients that are necessary to increase the “cleansing” function of the liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin.

But what are these ingredients? In the case of the night tea, it is actually an herbal infusion, since it does not contain tea itself. That is, it does not contain leaves of the tea tree ( Camelia sinensis ) . The reason is that for a night tea it is better to avoid theine, a stimulant that makes some people too energized and prevents them from falling asleep.

At Sweetea we clearly tell our Tealovers what the components of each tea are, and what properties they have, including our Detox Night Tea. Without secret or suspicious formulas, these are the ingredients that also give it a unique exquisite flavor.

Mint: it is responsible for the relaxing effect of this tea. Its main component, menthol, has a sedative effect, relaxing muscles and is a very good option to relieve stress, headaches or menstrual pain.

Unlike other sedatives, menthol does not cause drowsiness or mental confusion, which ensures a very restful sleep. Mint has other benefits , including opening the airways. This Detox Night Tea will come in handy even when you have a cold.

Lemongrass: This herb is a very common component in Asian cuisine, always included in the best teas. Although many people confuse it with lemon verbena, lemongrass is a grass with elongated leaves called Cymbopogon citratus that looks like a bush and is known as Luisa Grass or Lemon Grass.

Lemongrass essential oil is obtained from this herb, the aroma of which is easily felt when breaking a leaf. This oil is included in detox tea because it is digestive, diuretic and prevents gas formation in the intestine. In addition, its lemon flavor and aroma make the tea exquisite.

Eucalyptus: It is a classic custom to place eucalyptus leaves in hot water on the hearth or stove to open the airways of children when they have a cold. It is that its essential oils clear the inflamed mucous membranes of the nose, larynx and bronchi, helps oxygenation and stimulates the immune system, properties that make it ideal for a detox tea.

Menta suaveolens: also known as apple mint because it is a variety of mint that has a more fruity aroma. Its action is also different: it acts more at the digestive and liver level, improving the detoxifying function of these organs. This herb is also a regulator of the menstrual cycle.

Spearmint: it is another variety of mint and very similar to the two that we mentioned, which has been used since ancient times for its digestive effect. It is also present in many flavoring candies, due to its menthol content. Peppermint treats indigestion problems, intestinal gas and inflammation of the liver, acts on the gallbladder as it activates the production of bile, and also relieves dizziness and pain.

Nettle: If you have ever touched or stepped on this plant barefoot, surely you will not forget it! Its stinging hairs inflame the skin and although it may be a “bad weed” for the garden, it is present in many pharmaceutical preparations that are diuretics. The acetylcholine and potassium contained in these leaves are what stimulate kidney function to secrete urine. It also has a mild effect on lowering blood sugar (hypoglycemic) and these properties are perfect for Detox Night Tea.

Thyme: This herb is never missing from the cupboard of cooking spices and accompanies any hot dish as a very energetic dressing. In infusions or teas it has been used since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, as a deodorant incense.

Its essential oils act as an anti-inflammatory of the respiratory and gastric mucous membranes and prevents the formation of gases. As an ingredient in Detox Night tea, it ensures that you will have good digestion during the night.

Stevia: the ingredient that is never lacking in our line of Sweetea teas is the one that enhances the natural flavors of the infusions and sweetens them. In this way, you avoid the use of sugar (which is always eliminated in detox plans ) by replacing it with the leaves of this natural sweetener. Also, the sweet taste of stevia lingers on the palate longer, and will make you feel full during the night hours.

Now that you know why Detox Night Tea is the best drink to detoxify your body and rest at night, what are you waiting for to start your new healthy life ?

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