8 Milk Tea Recipes Every Tealovers Should Know

Prepare tea with milk is really easy, fast and delicious, it is a unique combination, the mild and semi-sour taste of tea, with the creamy richness of milk. There are many hot and iced versions to drink, with recipes that add more flavor and dimension to straight tea. The milk gives weight, texture and creaminess to this … Read more

The best plant milks for chai tea

If you haven’t tried Chai tea yet , you are depriving yourself of one of life’s great pleasures and taking advantage of the benefits of this ancient infusion. Although it was taken in India no less than 4,000 years ago, it reached the West several centuries ago, the diffusion it has had in the last 15 years has been … Read more

Tea with milk: the secrets of the classic

Milk tea is one of the most consumed classic combinations in the West for breakfast and snack. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love the creaminess and smoothness that a splash of milk gives their cup of tea? This winning combination delights adults and children, but when and where was this invention born? Is it only for black tea or … Read more

What is Hokkaido milk tea and how to prepare it?

Do you like milk tea? Then you will fall in love with Hokkaido Milk Tea, a creamier version that is often confused with Bubble Tea as some versions contain tapioca pearls. Hokkaido Milk Tea owes its name to the place where it was born: the Hokkaido province in Japan. This island is the largest in the eastern country and the … Read more

Is Milky Oolong a milk tea?

No! Milky Oolong is a wonderful variety of blue tea or Oolong A tea with milk is a typically Anglo-Saxon infusion where a “little cloud” of milk is added to a freshly brewed tea. There is a variety, which consists of infusing the tea directly into the milk. Many years ago when we heard about this … Read more