How green tea affects the body

Green tea is one of the most ancient and popular drinks. What are the benefits and harms of green tea for the health of women and men, how much it can be drunk per day, how it affects the body, as well as how to choose, brew and how much to store – in the RIA Novosti … Read more

The benefits of green tea for skin

The benefits of green tea for skin The benefits of green tea on the skin and the body have been recognized for centuries. It’s not for nothing that tea is the second most drunk drink after water! Thanks to its rich composition, it is also a precious ally of the skin.  Why is Green tea good for … Read more

Top 16 Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is  synonymous with health and is known as the drink of eternal youth for its great benefits and the large amount of antioxidants and polyphenols it contains, these are the protagonists that make green tea a help for our body health, physical and mental. This famous drink helps us fight the dreaded free radicals, keeping … Read more

What are the types of Green Tea?

What are the types of Green Tea? If you are just starting out in the pleasure of tasting varieties of teas, it is likely that you have started by incorporating green tea into your daily life . For something it is the most consumed in the world.   It’s not that green tea is “better” than other types … Read more

Benefits of green tea for athletes

Green Tea for Athletes: Enhancing Performance and Recovery Almost everyone has heard of the positive effects of green tea, which is why it is the most consumed drink in the world after water. Its high content of flavonoids or catechins, which are antioxidants , has also been known for a long time . Currently, sports medicine has incorporated the … Read more

6 incredible cocktails Recipes with green tea

Green Tea Cocktails : Delicious and healthy. When it comes to tea, some people still consider drinking it naive, fancy, or even boring. However, tea has shown its versatility in the gastronomic and even culinary fields, also in a little-known but daring field, in cocktails and molecular mixology . Although the history of tea mixed with alcohol seems unknown, … Read more

What is Pan Fried Green Tea: A Comprehensive Guide to This Unique Brewing Method

What is Pan Fried Green Tea A Comprehensive Guide to This Unique Brewing Method Pan fried green tea has a different processing than industrial green tea (steamed). It is manually heated which ensures superior quality, a smoother and more persistent flavor and a sweeter aroma.  Origin of Pan-Fried Green Tea In the history of pan-fried green tea, you … Read more

What is green tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

Teas are very beneficial for anyone, which has allowed health professionals to recommend them. One of the most popular worldwide, due to its great flavor and the benefits it provides, is Green Tea. It is precisely about this drink that we will share relevant information with you, keep reading and you will be able to learn a … Read more

Green Tea Benefits, Ingredients, and Side Effects

One of the fundamental characteristics of natural drinks is the fact that they are very beneficial for health. Teas are among the recommendations of doctors in terms of food, due to how much they contribute. In this post we will share about one of these drinks, specifically we will tell you about the benefits of green tea. Green … Read more

Matcha vs. Green Tea: What is the difference?

In this post we will talk about matcha tea vs green tea , what is the difference? Their flavors can be confusing, but they are delicious to drink, both coming from the same plant. However, they are very different. March tea is of Japanese origin and its consumption has become popular in recent years. It comes in strands or loose … Read more