Ceylon white tea: all you need to know

Ceylon white tea is produced in a prestigious region of Sri Lanka, formerly known as (Old Ceylon), its environmental conditions and climate are perfect for this tea plant to grow. This tea is highly valued for its fruity flavor and very delicate touch of flavor that white tea gives it. Some regions tend to replace white tea with green … Read more

Does white Tea have Theine?

Discover the content of Theine in White Tea Many consumers tend to worry about the level of caffeine that white tea usually has. There are several people who suffer from hypertension and therefore cannot consume tea in large quantities because it can be seen to affect their health. Theine or caffeine is a substance found in all kinds of … Read more

What is white tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

One of the most delicious, healthy and popular drinks that exist in the world is tea. Currently, there are many classes, each with their own characteristics, giving people many options to choose from. In this post we will share information about the White tea, its flavor, uses and recipes. This tea originates from China, but it is … Read more

White Tea Benefits, Ingredients, and Side Effects

Maintaining good health becomes an easy task when you follow a doctor’s instructions regarding nutrition. Among the most common recommendations, without a doubt, is the intake of teas, so it is important to learn about the advantages they offer. On this occasion, we will share several facts about the benefits of white tea. It is important to mention … Read more

How to drink white tea to lose weight

Did you know that with white tea you can lose weight? It has a number of antioxidants and medicinal properties that make it one of the favorite teas to consume. In addition, it turns out that it is one of those with a low caffeine content, so if you want to include it in your diet you … Read more

Is white tea acidic? Or is white tea alkaline?

The White tea slows aging, has a delicate flavor and so little theine that it can be drunk all day, plus it is very relaxing. Among its many properties is that it helps maintain the body’s alkalinity. In this article we will talk about whether white tea is acidic? Or is white tea alkaline? Both white tea, green tea, … Read more

White tea during pregnancy: is it safe?

One of the stages in which diet should be taken care of the most is pregnancy. One of the debates that doctors have had regarding this is in relation to drinks like tea. Is it safe to drink white tea during pregnancy? If you also have doubts about it, in this post you can discover what the answer … Read more