Toxin Eliminating (draining) Herbal Teas

Nettle, corn beards, parsley, birch: all plants that are easily available and very useful for eliminating excess liquids: let’s see them as protagonists in draining herbal teas.

Draining herbal teas are excellent for purifying the body and promoting the natural elimination of excess liquids, liquids which can cause swelling, edema, heaviness, water retention, weight gain and which can significantly affect circulation, often leading to cellulite problems.

Constantly taking a good draining herbal tea, morning and evening for a certain period, also means eliminating waste and toxins from the body, harmful substances accumulated in the body for various reasons, such as bad eating habits, residues of environmental pollution, after-effects of stress or trauma of various origins.

Purifying and draining is therefore good for both the body and the spirit: you acquire lightness, well-being and general balance.

Draining plants

Among the herbs and plants that best help the body in its purification work there are: birch leaves, dandelion roots, cherry peduncles, meadowsweet flowers and leaves, stigmas or stigmas or better known corn stubs, the roots of the thorny beetroot, the flower tip of the goldenrod, the roots and leaves of the flowering nettle, the roots and leaves of the parsley, the leaves of the orthosiphon and the roots of the ‘asparagus.

Here are a couple of draining herbal teas prepared with some of the parts listed above. We use dandelion, cherry, blueberry, corn stigmas, nettle root and leaves, birch leaves and parsley because they are also the most easily found in nature, in vegetable gardens, meadows and the countryside.

Ultra-draining herbal tea with dandelion, cherry and blueberry

The dandelion root has purifying properties, as it stimulates biliary, hepatic and renal function, i.e. it activates the excretory organs (liver, kidneys, skin) used for the transformation of toxins into the most suitable form for their elimination (faeces, urine, sweat ).

The peduncles or stems of the cherries have diuretic properties, while the blueberry, thanks to the organic acids, the vitamins A and C it contains and the myrtillin, is a capillary protector, excellent in case of circulatory disorders.

Ingredients :
dandelion root and cherry stems in equal parts,
> cranberry in less quantity.

Preparation: for 2 cups, pour two teaspoons of the mix obtained in boiling water, leave to rest for about ten minutes and then drink.

Use : can be consumed twice a day, both in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed.

Properties : purifying, draining, deflating, stimulating circulation and glandular functions

Decoction of corn barbs

Of the corn beards the inflorescences collected when flowering are used; they are excellent for draining, contain unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, enzymes, phytosterols, nitrogen, ergostenine, allantoin and betaine, potassium salts and vitamin K3 .

They are excellent for purifying the blood, liver, pancreas and kidneys; tonics of the circulatory system, improve the condition of skin tissue, urinary tract, bones, cartilage and joints

Ingredients :
> 3 grams of corn stalks
> half a liter of cold water

Preparation: put the corn stalks in cold water, then bring everything to a slow boil for 5 minutes on a low flame. Filter and drink.

Use : take two/four times a day, away from main meals.

Properties : diuretic, deurative, slimming.

Fresh summer draining herbal teas

Followed by 2 other herbal teas that can also be drunk in summer.

Draining herbal tea with parsley and lemon

> a bunch of parsley , including leaves and stems
> 2 slices of organic , untreated lemon
> half a liter of boiling water

Preparation : immerse the bunch of parsley, with leaves and stems, together with the slices of untreated organic lemon in boiling water and leave to infuse for about 7 minutes. Filter everything and consume fresh during the day.

Use : up to 4 cups a day, away from meals.

Nettle and birch leaves herbal tea

> 3 teaspoons of nettle leaves ,
> 2 teaspoons of birch leaves ,
> 2 abundant cups of boiling water

Preparation : leave to infuse in two abundant cups of boiling water for about 8-10 minutes, filter and drink.

Use : 2 or 3 cups a day, preferably away from meals, even cold.


They are herbal teas that lower the levels of potassium in the blood , so before taking them it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist or your doctor , especially if you have circulation or pressure problems. To be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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