Anti-cellulite herbal teas

The orange peel becomes a cushion and then starts lumpy and painful to the touch: it’s cellulite, this implacable drama that advances, and, in addition to being decidedly unsightly, weighs down the legs and demoralizes us. But don’t give up! You can still fight, with sport, nutrition and specially blended anti-cellulite herbal teas! Always with the right dose of irony, without making cellulite an obsession!

It seems impossible that cooked water with some herbs inside could have miraculous effects on the inevitable formation of cellulite, yet herbal teas are among the most effective natural remedies for cellulite.

If chosen in the right way and consumed consistently, anti-cellulite herbal teas can become more than a simple and healthy habit, but a valid ally ready to take action whenever the subcutaneous fats try to work together against us.

At the same time, if you decide to proceed with the attack, it is important to integrate with daily movement and a diet tailored to counteract the blemishes.

What are anti-cellulite herbal teas made of?

Here are some types of anti-cellulite herbal teas to follow, from the strongest and not too pleasant to the taste, to the milder one.

Top horehound, strawberry leaves, red vine: combine 40% of horehound and 30% of the other two herbs together. This formula is really effective, great for the initial attack. Note the other fantastic properties of the horehound, the bad taste, and the attention to be paid to it (always get advice from a good herbalist!)

Birch, spirea, fucus : combine the herbs in equal parts, bring the water to a simmer and pour, leaving it to rest for about ten minutes, strain and drink the herbal tea 4 times a day. Diuresis, lymphatic drainage, elimination of liquids, are the actions that favor the first two active ingredients; fucus purifies, remineralizes and increases the basal metabolic rate.

Ash, black currant, meadowsweet spirea : mixed in equal parts and left to infuse, it is not only excellent as an anti-cellulite agent, but it is an adjuvant in the prevention of arthrosis. Meadowsweet spirea performs an anti-inflammatory , diuretic and protective vessel activity, it is an excellent natural anti-cellulite.

Cherry stems : boil a little water in a saucepan, turn off the heat and add the cherry stems, a little cinnamon and hawthorn; the draining action will combine with the relaxing one of the hawthorn and the aromatic one of the cinnamon.

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