Herbal teas against cystitis

There are many natural ways that help defend against the dreaded cystitis: let’s find out here how to use antibacterial, diuretic and disinfectant herbal teas.

When you suffer from cystitis , the first thing that even doctors recommend is to drink a lot .

Especially when it comes to frequent cystitis and which recur, perhaps in periods of greater stress, it is good to integrate the liquids you take during the day also through adjuvant herbal teas , able to act on two fronts against the symptoms of cystitis : from one side by increasing the diuretic process , on the other side by disinfecting and hindering the nesting of bacteria .

Let’s see the recipes of anti-cystitis herbal teas.

Soothing mallow and calendula herbal tea

Ingredients :
> 20 grams of dried mallow ,
> 10 grams of calendula .

Preparation : bring a liter of water to the boil, leave the two herbs to infuse for about 7 minutes; filter and drink up to three times during the day. The ideal is to keep it warm in a thermal jug.

The tannins and anthocyanins contained in the mallow are the active ingredients which carry out the anti-inflammatory action , while the mucilage of the mallow and the soothing properties of the calendula soothe the discomfort.

Pilosella diuretic herbal tea

Ingredients :
> a spoonful of dried aerial parts of pilosella .

Preparation : Bring to a boil in a large cup of boiling water and turn off the heat. Cover and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Filter the infusion and drink it a couple of times a day between meals.

It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties , making it suitable for cystitis disorders; being also a diuretic herb that can even triple the volume of urine, promoting the natural elimination of the bacteria that cause cystitis.

Bearberry herbal tea

> 20 grams of dried bearberry leaves

Procedure: pour a liter of boiling water over the dry bearberry leaves, about 20 grams, and leave to rest for 4-5 minutes. Filter and drink 3-4 cups a day.

Of the bearberry, an excellent natural antiseptic , the leaves are used, the harvesting period of which takes place during the month of August. It is excellent for soothing urinary tract infections and cystitis in general.

Cranberry tea

Ingredients :

> about 20 grams of dried cranberry fruit

Procedure: bring about 200 ml of water to the boil, enough for a cup of normal size; add a teaspoon of dried cranberries ; leave to infuse for about 10 minutes, then filter and drink hot; up to three cups a day away from meals are indicated.

The active ingredients of the cranberry form a coating on the inner wall of the bladder which prevents the adhesion and proliferation of bacteria, an excellent activity associated with the diuretic one.

Echinacea decoction

> 1 tablespoon of echinacea roots

Preparation: pour the chopped root into cold water, light the fire and bring 200 ml or a cup of water to the boil. Boil for a few minutes and turn off the heat. Cover and leave to infuse for about 10 minutes, filter and drink.

Echinacea is generally very useful for strengthening the immune system, also being effective in cases of cystitis .

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