5 anti-flu herbal teas and infusions

Drinking hot tea is not only super comforting when you have the flu, but it also helps your immune system, so your symptoms are a little more manageable and you can get over the flu faster. You can take the most effective teas if you have symptoms or even during flu season as a preventative measure.

There are several herbal teas and infusions that have an anti-flu effect. You can buy the fresh herbs to boil tea and then pass the mixture through a strainer or buy the tea bags directly.

Best teas and infusions to fight the flu:

1- Green tea:

Green tea contains an antioxidant called quercetin and an amino acid called L-theanine that help your body fight the flu. These compounds are also found in black tea and oolong tea , which are processed from green tea.

Quercetin has an antiviral effect that has been shown to fight viruses that cause the common cold.

Remember that green tea has a high concentration of caffeine, so it is not suitable for young children.

2-Elder tea: 

The elder is a very common shrub with small white or cream flowers and both the berries and flowers are used to treat respiratory infections, such as the flu.

According to study, elderberry contains compounds that reduce inflammation in mucous membranes, which may possibly relieve nasal congestion. Elderberry tea or infusion is also said to have antiviral properties.

Contrary to popular belief, purple elderberries are non-toxic, but they are less effective than black elderberries, which will actually boost your immune system and fight your flu.

3-Echinacea tea:

Echinacea has a complex mixture of active substances, some of which are said to be antimicrobial, while others are believed to have an effect on the human immune system.

The most common species of this plant are those with purple flowers and those with white flowers. Although both are effective as anti-flu, due to the high concentration of phenols they have (antioxidants), the purple variety contains a higher concentration of alkylamides or alcamides, which have been extensively studied and which improve the performance of the immune system, reduce inflammation and decrease the pain. This reduces the severity of viral infections and even shortens the duration of the infection.  

The anti-inflammatory effect would reduce inflammation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract, decreasing nasal and pharyngeal congestion. It is recommended to drink the tea during the flu stage and not for long.

4- Melissa: 

Melissa officinalis , or Melissa, lemon balm or lemongrass is an herb up to 1 meter tall, very similar to mint, whose leaves have an intense lemon smell (actually citronella) when they break. 

It contains many aromatic compounds such as eugenol, terpenes and tannins. In Argentina, some Melisa leaves are usually added to the mate, which give it a very pleasant aroma and flavor. Melisa tea is widely used as a sedative and for menstrual pain (antispasmodic).

Studies have shown that lemon balm tea or infusion works against a variety of viruses and bacteria, including the virus that causes the common cold. It even has an activity very similar to the best known antiviral drugs. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it perfect for headaches that frequently accompany flu states. It has a fresh mint-lemon flavor when added to tea, so you can try it neat or mixed with green tea.

5- Licorice root tea:

If you have a particularly sore throat, a licorice tea will help soothe it. Licorice is also widely used, due to its diuretic properties, as part of the best Détox teas .

Licorice infusion has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain in the throat. It will also help your body expel mucus from the respiratory tract. But best of all, it tastes sweet and delicious!  

You can drink up to 4 cups a day during the flu stage but do not consume it for more than a month, as it could cause potassium deficiency, so it is ideal to savor it just when you feel very bad from the flu.

You can drink a cup of these anti-flu teas and infusions in the morning, at noon and another before bed. These all-natural, antioxidant-packed remedies will have you feeling better in no time.

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