What teas help against excessive sweating?

Sweating is normal, but excessive sweating ( in excess of what is needed to maintain proper body temperature ) is called hyperhidrosis .

This excessive sweating occurs most often on the hands, feet, face, and under the arms. There may be other medical reasons for you to sweat a lot, including the use of some medications and hot flashes from menopause.

Always consult your doctor about the causes of your excessive sweating to rule out diseases that are producing it, such as thyroid conditions. In addition to the treatments indicated, you can drink tea to sweat less. Here are some options:

Sage tea to sweat less:

Sage offers many benefits, including helping with excessive sweating and foot odor. It is very easy to grow or you can buy the leaves or good quality tea bags.

To prepare sage tea to reduce sweating, boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon of dried sage. Let the mixture steep for five minutes after brewing the tea. Don’t let it sit for more than five minutes or it will become too strong.

Sweeten with Stevia, lemon or honey and drink half a cup in the morning and a half at night.

Like most herbal remedies, you probably won’t see benefits overnight. It may take several weeks to follow this regimen of drinking sage tea before you notice a difference in the amount of sweat you produce.

Valerian tea to reduce anxiety:

One of the causes of excessive sweating is stress or anxiety in the face of a certain situation. It is common for us to start sweating on the palms, face or armpits before an exam, a presentation or any event that is stressful for us.

This can be very uncomfortable, especially since we perceive that sweating reveals our anxiety.

Valerian tea or infusion is a method known for centuries to reduce our reaction to stress and is a good remedy to prevent excessive sweating.

You can prepare the valerian infusion alone or combined with other herbs as in the new favorite of many #Telovers: Detox Tea .

Boil the water, then you can add any tea bag as a base 😍🍵 and directly add the valerian root strands. Do not make it very concentrated so that it does not make you sleepy, and you can take it half an hour before your especially stressful event. 

Ginger Tea for Sweaty Feet:

Ginger root is known to relieve many ailments, from nausea to poor circulation and indigestion.

But did you know that ginger also helps with sweaty feet? It is not necessary to take it but to rub the feet with a cotton soaked in ginger tea.

This helps the feet to sweat out toxins and then stop producing bacteria. To obtain its benefits you must use it for a few weeks, it is not fast-acting.

Green tea as a routine:

Add a cup of green tea to your nightly routine if you suffer from hyperhidrosis.

The high concentration of antioxidants in green tea can be beneficial for your problem. Antioxidants can rid your system of toxins that make you sweat and make your sweat smell bad.

Make the green tea according to the directions we discussed about  how to drink green tea to get its benefits .

Iced tea:

You can stop excessive sweating by drinking iced tea instead of hot drinks.

According to the study, cold drinks can help your fluctuating hormones regulate your body temperature more effectively, which can lead to fewer hot flashes.

Non-menopausal people can also benefit from a cooler body temperature to prevent sweating.

An iced tea preserves all the properties of the tea and there are many tasty recipes to beat the heat and sweat less.

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