How to make the perfect Ice Tea: 4 easy ways to do it

When sweltering hot days roll around, all you want is a delicious, refreshing glass of iced tea. You can always have a bottle of Ice Tea in the fridge, or you can use a tea or infusion of your favorite variety . But beware, there is no greater annoyance than trying a sip and realizing that you prepared it wrong.

Although it may seem like a basic recipe, there is still plenty of room for error. A bitter brew or one with too many tannins, undissolved sugar or floating tea strands are the most common mistakes.

Our advice: Use tea bags

It is true that tea masters prefer to prepare it with loose leaves, but there are several benefits to using tea bags to prepare Ice Tea.

If you use a quality tea like Sweetea, you will find that the bags contain the same mixture as the leaf tea, which ensures a good size so that all the components of the tea can pass into the water. In this way you will not need a strainer or a special teapot.

Always choose a brand of tea with large bags. Small bags often have chopped remains of the tea tree leaves, which is a sign of poor quality.

If you want to prepare a good amount of tea, it will be convenient to tie the threads of the bags together, so you don’t have to go fishing to get them out.

Now that you know which tea to choose, you can choose one of the options for your perfect Ice Tea.

How to make Ice Tea in 4 different ways

First option: The typical Ice Tea

Step 1: Classic Iced Tea uses high-quality black tea, especially Bergamot Black Tea , which is already sweetened. This Malawi/Indian blend is ideal as it will not tarnish when cooled, retaining its clear appearance. Take 3 or 4 sachets to start.

Step 2: Heat the water. In a pot, place 2 cups of water (if it is filtered, the better) and bring to a boil. When it boils, turn off the heat immediately and add the tea bags. If you want a milder black tea, you can add the tea before the water boils, when it is around 90C.

Step 3 : Infusion. Allow the tea to release its components for 3 minutes and remove the bags. Never wait more than 5 minutes because you will get an astringent Ice Tea.

Step 4: Add more water. Transfer the tea to a jug, wait 10 minutes for it to cool, add 2 cups of very cold water, mix and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Step 5: Serve and enjoy. In tall glasses with ice, pour the Ice Tea, to which you can add a few drops of lemon or garnish with mint leaves.

Second option: Iced tea with fruits

In this delicious Ice Tea you can use different seasonal fruits, although the ones that go very well are strawberries, peaches, raspberries, passion fruit, cherries. You can also make a mix of grapes, kiwis and oranges. If you don’t have fruit on hand, you can use a fruit syrup, but we recommend fresh fruit.

Step 1: Prepare the black Ice Tea as in the previous option.

Step 2: If you use any tea , it is not necessary to add sugar, since the bags contain natural Stevia as a sweetener. Process 1 cup of fruits or puree until you get a rather liquid and homogeneous paste.

Step 3 : Mix the fruits with the Ice Tea, stir very well and serve over ice in tall glasses. You can also add basil leaves to decorate.

Third Option: Jamaican Iced Tea

If you prefer a creamier Ice Tea, choose Jamaican Tea , which also contains Hibiscus and Rosehip, to prepare this recipe that you can well serve as a dessert.

Step 1 : Heat 4 cups of water and when it boils add 4 Jamaican tea bags. Let stand 3 minutes before transferring to a pitcher to cool for 2 hours.

Step 2 : Choose tall glasses and add vanilla ice cream (or creamy lemon, according to your taste) until halfway. Add the Ice Tea and mix well. Serve with a straw and enjoy.

Fourth option: Green Ice Tea

Green tea is the super fresh option of Ice Tea and it has been imposed on the new generations. Starting with the new Fresh Tea , which is excellent quality green tea plus the addition of mint leaves, lemon verbena and Stevia, you can prepare this Ice Tea and show off to your friends. Ideal to share this summer in the pool.

Step 1: Use 4 bags of Fresh Tea and prepare it like the classic black tea of ​​option 1. Serve halfway over a glass with ice, add a few drops of lemon and you can decorate it with a slice. Now yes, total freshness.

Ice Tea can be prepared with hundreds of different flavors, including herbal infusions. Take care of your body by minimizing sugary soft drinks and replace them with iced tea for family consumption.

You can invent your own Ice Tea recipes by adding honey, fruit mixes, non-dairy milks, creams, or different flavors of ice cream. Or you can recreate these other amazing recipes , even for cocktail parties. Create your own Ice Tea with total freedom!

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