Chamomile tea during pregnancy: is it safe?

Without a doubt, one of the most famous teas today is chamomile, because it has an excellent flavor and is also quite useful to combat various diseases. In this post you can learn facts about that infusion. And solve the doubt about whether  Is chamomile tea safe during pregnancy?

Faced with this concern, most nutritionists respond with a resounding ”yes”. The properties of this drink do not affect the pregnancy or lactation. However, the amount that is ingested should be moderate, as consuming too much chamomile tea can be quite harmful for pregnant women.

One of the reasons why doctors consider that this tea can be taken during this period, albeit in moderation, is the calming effect that this intake transmits. Anxiety and stress, which are usually present during pregnancy, can be combated when chamomile tea is taken two to three times a day.

In addition to this, according to experts, chamomile can be very helpful for nausea and heartburn, which are quite common during pregnancy. It is advisable to consult a doctor before including this drink in the diet during pregnancy, because the side effects may differ depending on the organism of each individual.

What kind of tea can a pregnant woman not drink?

Even though the chamomile tea can be taken in moderation during this period of time, it is also important that you know which ones are generally prohibited by doctors. Next, we will share this information with you, so that you can take it into consideration, especially if you are in the gestation period.

One of the infusions that cannot be consumed during pregnancy is mint tea. This is because in some cases, it has abortifacient effects because it contains a substance called ”pulegona”. In addition to this, another drink that health professionals prohibit is turmeric tea, because it has a neurotoxic effect and in some cases abortifacient.

Another of the teas that should not be ingested during this period of time is horsetail. According to various studies, this infusion can be harmful to babies, due to its toxic properties at the hepatorenal level.

What kind of teas can a pregnant woman drink?

Although there are several infusions that should be avoided at all costs during the gestation process, there are also some that can be ingested without any problem. If you want to know this information, keep reading and you will have access to this information.

The ginger tea is one of the most recommended by doctors during this period of time. This is because this infusion helps combat nausea, which represents one of the most frequent problems during pregnancy. However, this intake should also be enjoyed in moderation, following the advice of a doctor.

In addition to this drink, the intake of thyme tea can also be quite beneficial during pregnancy. According to health experts, this drink is rich in antioxidants, which are used to combat various degenerative diseases, including cancer. Added to this, this infusion also provides many vitamins and minerals.

Chamomile tea benefits

Additionally, chamomile tea provides many other benefits. Among them is the fact that it strengthens the immune system, helping to prevent many diseases. Besides, this drink is rich in flavonoids, which considerably reduce blood cholesterol levels.

The skin is another of the areas that are cared for when consuming chamomile tea, because it is rich in tannins, which increase collagen production and slow aging. Healing is also stimulated with this intake.

Another of the diseases that can be prevented with the regular consumption of chamomile tea is diabetes. This is because this infusion helps control the amount of sugar in the blood. This drink is also used to combat insomnia, as it provides a relaxing effect.

This tea also has detoxifying properties, which are quite beneficial for various parts of the body, including the liver. Common cold and flu symptoms can also be combated by consuming this kind of tea.

In addition to preventing all these diseases, chamomile tea also works to combat menstrual pain. To enjoy all these benefits, it is best to drink this tea on an empty stomach, following the specific instructions of a doctor, to avoid contraindications.

What can chamomile tea be combined with?

This drink is characterized by having a good flavor. However, there are ways to make it even better, by including some ingredients that further enhance the positive results it provides. Continue browsing this post and you will know what are those elements with which chamomile tea can be combined.

One of the most famous ingredients in terms of those that can be added to prepare this recipe is lemon. The diuretic properties are enhanced when this mixture is made, which is beneficial to avoid fluid retention. In addition to this, lemon provides a significant amount of vitamin C.

Ginger is another ingredient that can be added to chamomile tea. By including this element, you can enjoy some benefits such as relief from muscle pain, inflammation, improvement of cognitive development, protection against stomach ulcers, among many others.

If you want to considerably improve the flavor of this infusion, one of the best options in terms of supplements that can be added is honey. It is important to mention that this sweetener does not alter the properties of this infusion too much.

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