Learn how to prepare your healthiest iced tea

Drinking cold tea is fabulous, because it refreshes and is very healthy. For those who enjoy this variety as part of their daily drinks,  iced tea  or iced tea it’s a real wild card. In addition, it can be mixed with other ingredients and give free rein to creativity.  Having a  cold tea or a hot tea  is your choice, but if you want to experiment in a pleasant way when the heat strikes, learn how to prepare your healthiest iced tea.

What is cold tea or iced tea

Cold tea or ice tea is a form of iced tea, usually served in a glass filled with ice. In addition, any variety of tea can be used as iced tea, everything will depend on the taste of each person. On the market there are a large number of brands that sell it in bottles or cans, but the amount of tea they contain is very low. By virtue of this, it is best to prepare iced tea  in any of the varieties that are available in specialized stores.

Origin of cold tea or iced tea

Before the mid 1800’s tea was served cold as “Tea Punch” with some alcohol added. Then, in 1904, cold tea became famous when it participated in the World’s Fair in Saint Louis; where Richard Blechynden, owner of a tea plantation, introduces the term “Ice Tea” (tea with ice). Blechynden offered this tea to visitors to the fair who refused due to the intense heat it was doing; So, what he did was add an ice cube to the hot tea and called it “Ice Tea”, which is how visitors later associated that name as a refreshing drink.  

On the other hand, a publication that appeared in the Nevada Noticer newspaper in 1890 stands out, mentioning the large amounts of food and drinks served at a Nevada Conference where there were more than 15,000 former veterans. It is said that 880 gallons of cold tea, equivalent to 3,300 liters, were consumed there.

How to make iced tea or iced tea

Among the countless cold tea recipes,  the most popular and accepted is green tea with lemon. It is the classic of teas, and the  preparation of iced tea  is as follows:

  1. Prepare the tea by infusing it in the same way as you drink it hot, at a temperature between 70° to 80° C; for 1 to 4 minutes depending on the type of tea you use. In this sense, keep in mind that Chinese teas require more infusion time than Japanese ones; for which it is necessary to add more quantity of tea.
  2. Then, pour the infusion into a glass, and if you prefer, add sweetener to sweeten it.
  3. Add as many ice cubes as you want, the amount doesn’t matter because they will still melt quickly in the heat of the tea.
  4. Next, squeeze a few drops of lemon or add a slice to the tea.

You can even prepare more tea and keep it in the fridge. What you should keep in mind is not to put it in when it is hot because you will break the cold of the food that is there.

If what you want is to prepare liters, you must do it using tea with cold water,  that is, dissolving the tea in water for 8 hours or more in the fridge. It is best to prepare it at night so that it is ready the next day. This way of preparing it is the best method to replace soft drinks with  recipe homemade iced tea.

Tips for preparing iced tea recipe

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should not use tea bags for your cold tea preparation. Instead, use quality loose tea instead. Any type of tea is suitable to be homemade iced tea recipe.  You already know how to prepare it, the most common way is by infusing it in hot water and then adding ice cubes.

In the preparation try to use more quantity of tea than when you prepare it hot; because when you add the ice cubes, once dissolved it will lose concentration and flavor. Also, our taste buds are very efficient at picking up flavors, so cold tea should be more concentrated than hot tea.

One of the mistakes that is most often made in the preparation of tea is leaving the tea longer to infuse; what will be achieved is a bitter tea, which cannot be drunk. If you prepare it in a large jug, try not to keep it stored for more than 24 hours.

Perfect combinations for you to vary your cold tea

Iced black tea, lemon and honey

With black tea is very simple and very tasty. The taste is better than adding sugar. This citrus touch that is given with the lemon makes it more refreshing. To prepare it, what you have to do is prepare it as usual and instead of adding sugar, add honey to your liking. Then, squeeze a lemon (one lemon per glass is suggested).

Iced black and mint tea

To add a good flavor add a little mint tea to cold tea, and if you want to go further, include some of its leaves when you serve it. Do you want to turn it into a cocktail? So, you add a few ounces of white rum.

Black tea or green tea, and peach

perfect with Green Tea and to achieve more aromas in your cold tea,  sweeten it with the syrup from your canned peaches.

Sparkling iced tea

It doesn’t matter which tea you choose, it will go well with any (but don’t choose green tea). When making tea that is more concentrated than usual, add club soda for a bubbly drink. And if you want to flavor it, add some mint leaves.

Caramel chai latte frappe

This delicious drink is made using a chai tea and blending it with powdered milk; caramel syrup and ice. oh! And for those with a sweet tooth, they can add a little chantilly cream.

black tea and cranberry

It is prepared using black tea, a little sugar, and cranberry juice. The flavor you will get will be intense. It is good both hot and cold.

Iced tea with apple and lemon

For this homemade iced tea recipe, you need to combine green tea, clarified apple juice, and a little lemon juice. You will get a fruity flavor and aromas of the infusion. Add a little cinnamon and a few bits of apple to give it a more powerful flavor.

Benefits of iced tea

In addition to being an ideal drink because it is rich and refreshing, iced tea can be part of our diet.

it’s refreshing

Cold tea is not only a drink that refreshes us in the hot season, it also quenches our thirst and prevents us from dehydrating. In this sense, the most refreshing teas are those that contain citrus, red fruits or mint.

Contains antioxidants

If we drink iced tea without sugar, our body will thank you; because it has a huge amount of antioxidants that serve to slow down the aging process and is a good ally for the skin. If we consume it frequently we will feel younger.

better digestion

The green tea benefits are many and with lemon it is excellent because thanks to its antioxidant properties it stimulates circulation. Also, green tea contains essential oils that facilitate digestion.

Fight colds

Green tea combined with lemon is an excellent alternative to fight colds or allergies; this is possible due to its vitamin C content and antioxidant power.

Contributes to burning calories

Green tea contains caffeine and catechins that speed up metabolism, allowing calories to burn longer.

Provides vitamins

Iced tea or cold tea has a significant amount of nutrients, such as vitamins, B, C and D, and also; minerals such as magnesium, potassium, folic acid and niacin. All these nutrients will help keep us healthy.

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