The best infusions to cleanse the lungs

Unfortunately, we are exposed to endless products that, little by little, can damage our lungs, such as cigarette smoke, the chemicals we use to clean, pollution… The good thing is that we can drink infusions to cleanse the lungs.

As you read, some plants have properties that would help eliminate these toxic substances and make us feel much better. Has your curiosity piqued?

How the lungs can be affected

When you breathe, the lungs take in the oxygen present in the air and transport it to the bloodstream. This carries oxygen to every cell in the body.

When the lungs do not work properly, that is, when lung diseases appear, not only these organs but the entire body can be affected.

When we talk about lung diseases, we are referring to common diseases such as the flu or asthma and to other less widespread ones such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis or lung cancer.

Now, what do environmental toxins have to do with these diseases? All the products we inhale are believed to have repercussions on the lungs. It could be said that everything we smell enters the lungs and a small part remains in the alveoli, potentially affecting lung health.

Specialists in natural medicine maintain that the presence of these wastes in the lungs can be evidenced by loss of breath during physical exertion, reduced lung capacity, the inability to breathe properly and even chronic fatigue.

Infusions to take care of the lungs

First of all, the most important thing to cleanse the lungs is to avoid exposure to sites where contamination, in any form, is present. Of course, it is recommended to avoid tobacco consumption or places where you breathe its smoke.

There are also other general recommendations that you can follow, whether you are an active or passive smoker or if you are not exposed to cigarette smoke and want to take care of yourself due to pollution or the use of cleaning supplies.

To begin with, it is important that you ventilate your home daily and keep it clean to avoid the accumulation of dust and harmful substances. On the other hand, it is recommended to maintain good hydration, since toxins are also eliminated through urine and sweat.

And at this last point is where the infusions come in to cleanse the lungs. Try them all to take care of yourself and enjoy their delicious flavors!

Ginger infusion

Ginger plays a very important role in Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Indian medicine, as it is considered a medicinal plant. Among its many health properties is its antibacterial power.

Among the best infusion options to cleanse the lungs, we can mention ginger with lemon, which combines the antimicrobial activities of both ingredients. Plus, it’s delicious.

To prepare it, boil the water and add pieces of ginger and lemon peel. Unfortunately, we cannot give you more precise indications since the strong flavor of ginger is not to everyone’s taste. Thus, you should try if you like its more or less concentrated flavor.

Nettle infusion

This infusion not only offers potent antimicrobial activity against specific strains of bacteria, but also a diuretic effect that would help you increase urination and, therefore, would contribute to the elimination of toxins.

Infuse a tablespoon of dried nettle leaves per cup of boiled water for about 7 minutes. Sweeten with honey and enjoy.

Garlic infusion

Various scientific studies have concluded that garlic contains substances that would help open the bronchial tubes, thus helping to breathe better. On the other hand, it is also a natural antibiotic, which makes it ideal for preventing colds and flu.

To prepare a garlic infusion, peel and chop the garlic. Boil the water and add it. Let it boil for five minutes. Remove from heat and let stand 5 more minutes before straining and sweetening with honey.

Green Tea

Green tea stands out for its antioxidant power. In fact, this condition is what makes it one of the best infusions to cleanse the lungs. Why? Simply because antioxidants fight free radicals to combat oxidative stress that generates inflammation and, on the other hand, take care of cellular health. In this way, they would favor the good health of the lungs.

Eucalyptus infusion

Research has not been able to obtain conclusive results, but it is believed that the eucalyptol present in eucalyptus leaves would help combat the accumulation of mucus, in addition to fighting inflammation and helping expectoration. In this way, it would alleviate the symptoms of lung diseases and thus contribute to the health of these organs.

Once the water has boiled, lower the heat and add 10 g of dried or fresh eucalyptus leaves per cup of water. Let stand 4 minutes and strain.

What do you think of these infusions to cleanse the lungs? Of course, remember that infusions can be an adjuvant to the treatment indicated by your doctor. If you suffer from breathing problems, do not hesitate and start by visiting the specialist.

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