Tea production methods: the “CTC” method

The “CTC” Tea Production Method Crush-Tear-Curl (shredded, shredded and rolled) is a very different process than orthodox method that we have explained above. The five processing steps are done in the orthodox method, which are done with CTC, much faster and in a limited way, CTC was invented specifically for the food industry. black tea, to save time and money.

The three differences between the orthodox method and CTC

1. The Crush-Tear-Curl method is not based on the whole of the tea leaves

In contrast, orthodox tea production, whether made entirely by hand or with the aid of rolling machines, seeks to maintain the integrity of the tea. tea leaf. The orthodox method tea leaves are not chopped, crushed, etc., it does not matter if it is Green Tea, oolong either black tea, Orthodox processing uses the whole leaves to create a wide range of flavors in the cup.  

2. The CTC method is carried out with machinery that macerates the fresh tea leaves

CTC stands for crushing, tearing and curling. The withered leaf is usually cut into a uniform size by a machine and then the leaves are fed into the CTC machine where they are shredded, shredded and rolled in one operation by means of metal rollers, the cell juice is extracted collected and added back. to the leaves, then the crushed leaves are oxidized, dried and classified.

CTC method is mainly used in Indian regions, a whole batch produced by CTC can take as little as two hours. In orthodox processing the leaves are never intentionally cut or torn, as they are carefully rolled and handled, just enough to produce a certain flavor and their production is based on true tea artisans who have learned this trade for years, in many cases , generations, to make a specific tea.

3. CTC was invented specifically for the production of black tea

These fast brewing teas are ideal for the bagged tea industry as well as for use in chai and tea blends. iced tea. Its flavor is very one dimensional, powerful and brilliantly colored, with a pungent astringency, those teas produced in an orthodox manner do not produce this type of color and body.

Although CTC cannot produce the tremendous variety of flavor and aroma that are known and loved in orthodoxly produced teas, the CTC method cannot be used to make white teas, oolongs, etc. The crushed sheet rusts very quickly and there are a few green teas that allow the manufacturing process using CTC, but this is achieved only by evaporating the leaves to prevent oxidation.

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