Kombucha tea: properties and benefits

Kombucha is a fermented tea with a tart flavor produced by the action of yeasts and bacteria during the fermentation process. Now, what are the properties of kombucha?

The truth is that its particular fermentation influences not only its flavor but also its properties, making it highly recommended to relieve certain symptoms. In fact, it is commonly used in the East to balance “chi”, or inner energy, and combat digestive discomfort. Do you want to discover more about it?

What is kombucha?

As we have already pointed out at the beginning of the article, kombucha is a fermented tea. This infusion is prepared with sweetened black tea, at least in its most traditional variety. Today, it is possible to find kombucha made from other varieties of tea .

Now, once the tea is sweetened, the Kombucha fungus is added, which will act on the drink by consuming the sugars. Thus, with the passing of days, the tea will ferment.

This can be noticed because a gelatinous formation will appear on the surface: the microorganisms responsible for carrying out the fermentation. Once the process is complete, the kombucha will have acquired its typical sour taste and probiotic properties.

Health properties of kombucha

To this day, the origins of kombucha are unclear. In fact, Korea and China dispute its creation. However, what is known without a doubt is that it has been used since time immemorial to alleviate different ailments, such as heavy digestion. But what else is it for?

Probiotic effect

We advanced it in the previous point but now we will explain everything about it. When fermentation begins, bacteria and yeasts act on the tea creating an acid medium by consuming the sugars.

Among the bacteria that are produced in the mixture, there are several spices that are characterized by their probiotic function. Let’s remember that probiotics contribute to good digestive health, specifically of the intestine.

Contributes to weight loss

Although we have not found specific research, experts in natural medicine maintain that by having compounds in common (polyphenols) with green tea, whose slimming action has been proven, kombucha would also contribute to weight loss.

Antioxidant action

The polyphenols present in tea, including kombucha, fight free radicals, molecules that generate oxidative stress that can trigger all kinds of degenerative diseases and even premature aging.

For this reason, drinking tea would help prevent the onset of different diseases. In the specific case of kombucha, its antioxidant potential would be higher when it is made with green tea.

Hepatoprotective function

What would you tell us if we told you that enjoying a cup of kombucha tea on a regular basis would help protect your liver? Well, it could be yes. Different animal studies have indicated that this fermented tea has hepatoprotective functions that would combat the different toxins that the body can face.

Antibacterial properties

As we already mentioned, acetic acid is produced during fermentation, a component also present in vinegar and responsible for its antibacterial and antifungal effect.

In particular, researchers have pointed out that Kombucha may fight infections caused by the fungus Candida and the bacteria E-Coli. On the other hand, being a source of probiotics, it would fight “bad” bacteria without affecting the “good” ones that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Protects against cardiovascular diseases

As you read, among the properties of kombucha is the reduction of bad cholesterol and the increase of good cholesterol. Remember that cholesterol is a risk marker for heart problems.

Prevent diabetes

The same study mentioned in the previous point indicates that kombucha also regulates blood sugar levels. This would contribute to the prevention of diabetes mellitus II.

Other research explained that this effect occurs because kombucha slows the digestion of carbohydrates, preventing sugar spikes from occurring.

Would protect against cancer

Its antioxidant properties inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

As you can see, kombucha can help you take care of your body and prevent different diseases. Of course, it is not a treatment that fights pathologies but a nutritious drink that can contribute to the health of the body. In no way does the consumption of kombucha exempt you from consulting a doctor, following his instructions and consuming the medication indicated by the professional.

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