10 Tips to be an expert tealover

1 If you want to drink any tea but without the effects of caffeine

There are certain types of tea, such as black tea, that have large amounts of caffeine (theine). This will help you stay alert and focused, however if you are craving a cup of tea at night before bed, it may not be a good idea to drink black tea. So what can we do to drink that beautiful cup of tea without getting sleepless?

Here’s the secret: Approximately 80% of the caffeine in the tea is released during the first 30 seconds. If you want to drink tea at night to sleep, simply steep the tea for 30 seconds, discard the liquid and add hot water again with the same tea bag, this way you will eliminate most of the caffeine. ❤️

2 Don’t squeeze the tea bag into the cup!

If you squeeze the tea bag into the side of your cup, it will release a lot of tannins, which are responsible for the bitterness of the tea. 

We are used to a strong bitterness in tea and we believe that this is how it should taste. However, tea naturally should not be like this. If you want a stronger and more bitter tea, we recommend changing the tea instead of squeezing, like black tea.

3 Add flavor to your meals

Did you know that you can use a couple of tea bags, for example green tea, in your pasta?

Boil your pasta with green tea bags, this will make the noodles absorb the antioxidants of the tea and obtain a unique flavor. Experiment and discover new flavors for your meals. 

4 Do not use the microwave to heat the water

By doing it this way not all the water in the cup heats evenly (if the mug is large) and you can’t control the correct temperature to make certain types of tea like green tea (which is ideally brewed at 80°C).

Know the correct temperatures to make each type of tea

5 At what temperature to make each tea?

Infusions that do not contain tea leaves such as Chamomile and Jamaica (Hibiscus 🌺) can be made with boiling water. However, teas have specific temperatures where they are prepared to their perfect point.

Of course, it is difficult to have a thermometer to measure exactly. So if you don’t have, when the kettle just starts to move and bubble, that means that we will have the water temperature between 65 and 75ºC. 😉

6 Don’t throw away used tea bags!

Don’t even think about throwing away used tea bags. There are so many uses that you can give them, from eliminating odors, scaring away spiders and mice, relieving burns or feeding your plants and garden. 

So that you don’t throw away any used tea bags, we have prepared a list of 21 uses for used tea bags .

7 Know how much caffeine each tea has

Yes, each tea has different amounts of theine or caffeine. Knowing this will help you choose when to take each one to stay alert and focused on specific tasks or which one to take before bed.

*Infusions other than tea do not contain caffeine, so you will not have any problem in this regard (example: chamomile, mint, hibiscus)

8 Where do the differences in the types of tea come from?

Did you know that the different types of tea come from the same plant ? Its color, flavor and properties change according to its process and preparation. 

9 Do you sweeten with sugar? wow! 

It’s about time you cut out sugar and the cancer-causing sucralose. A tealover at heart drinks the tea neat or adds natural sweeteners such as stevia (beware of fake stevia scams ), honey or agave. 

Avoid artificial sweeteners that do more harm than good. 

10 Use tea as nutrition and medicine

Each tea and infusion has specific properties and benefits that can help you manage different ailments, prevent diseases or improve your general daily nutrition. 

For example, green tea is full of antioxidants that will keep you active and young. Adding cardamom (present in chai tea) helps with digestion. Black tea for concentration. Chamomile for menstrual pain or ginger for nausea. 

Knowing this will make you an expert in tea and even better will improve your day to day. Healthier, happier 😄🍵.

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If you are already a tealover, we hope these tips help you appreciate more this beautiful concoction that we share with our friends. Share if you liked it! ❤️

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