Infusions to lose weight

Did you know that hunger is a sensation that is generated in the brain? As you read, it is not the stomach that indicates that you are hungry but your brain (although in communication with your stomach, of course), the same organ that tells you when you are satisfied. Several studies indicate that about 20 minutes after starting to eat, the stomach sends hormonal signals to the brain to let it know that it is full. For this reason, the use of infusions as satiating can be very interesting to lose weight.

Do you want to discover how they work and what are the best infusions to fulfill this function? Continue reading.

How do infusions act as satiating?

Anxiety, stress and nerves are some of the factors that trigger our desire to eat. For this reason, many times we eat even without being “really” hungry. It is a brain response to manage these emotions.

And where do infusions come into all this? The signal of satisfaction is sent to the brain after about 20 minutes. Therefore, if you drank an infusion before eating, it would act as a satiating: on the one hand, it would occupy part of the minutes necessary for the stomach to send the signal to the brain and, on the other, it would fill the stomach with water, reducing the sensation of hunger

Another interesting option is to drink them after meals. Thus, we can consume only the portion indicated by the nutritionist and, later and if there is any left, satisfy the feeling of hunger with a cup of our favorite infusion.

Makes sense? This explains why nutritionists often recommend drinking a glass of water before eating and also chew slowly when you want to lose those pesky extra pounds.

The use of satiating infusions

Alternative medicine has recommended the inclusion of herbal teas in diets to lose weight since time immemorial. In fact, our list of satiating infusions is based on the advice of experts in this field.

Fluid intake is one of the main allies in weight loss and if this can be combined with fiber consumption, the goal is met more easily. 

Why? Simply because the fiber swells on contact with water and generates a greater feeling of satiety that lasts until complete digestion occurs. Do you want a simple rule to help you feel full? Add more fiber and more fluids to your diet.

The best teas to lose weight

Before introducing you to those infusions that work best to satisfy your appetite, it is worth noting that they are not magic potions that we ingest and lose weight, but rather they can act as a complement to a healthy diet and regular physical exercise.

Green Tea

It is impossible to start this list without mentioning the “slimming infusion” par excellence. Green tea is known for its diuretic properties that help eliminate fluid retention.

In turn, it has a digestive effect and acts by accelerating metabolism. This effect occurs thanks to the presence of caffeine, a substance that activates thermogenesis that helps burn fat. It may be interesting to try drinking a cup of green tea after meals.

Burdock infusion

Burdock is a plant native to Asia and Europe that stands out for its oval and rough leaves. Also known as lampazo, researchers have confirmed that it has an interesting nutritional contribution.

Of course, it has a strong satiating effect due to its content of inulin, a substance that generates energy in the body. On the other hand, this infusion is an antioxidant, so by drinking it you will also be protecting your body from the action of free radicals that can cause degenerative diseases.

Garcinia infusion

Garcinia, also known as Malabar tamarind or by its scientific name Garcinia gummi-gutta, is a shrub native to India, although it can also be found in Africa, Polynesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Its infusion has been used for hundreds of years in the East to lose weight and maintain it due to its satiating effect as it would prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

Green coffee

Although sometimes we forget, coffee can be an infusion and, particularly, green coffee (made with coffee beans that have not been roasted) exhibits an interesting satiating effect, produced by its high content of chlorogenic acid, which would allow us to eat less and, therefore, we would lose those kilos that bother us.


Did you know that the famous red tea has a strong satiating power? In addition, it would speed up metabolism, a function that allows you to burn more fat and, therefore, lose weight. In fact, different studies have confirmed that its consumption is associated not only with weight loss but also with a reduction in body mass index and a significant improvement in the lipid profile.

Vanilla infusion

Although we have not found research in this regard, there are many testimonies that assure that vanilla infusion would help metabolize food and, in addition, its magnificent aroma would deceive the brain and generate a feeling of satiety.

Chamomile infusion

Another of the infusions used as satiating on a regular basis is chamomile. Although it is usually associated with relieving stomach discomfort, it is also a diuretic plant and it is believed that it would help to feel satisfied.

Fruit infusions

Finally, it is worth mentioning the fruit infusions that we can prepare at home using the shell of different fruits. 

Among the best options are apple, coconut, raspberry, blackberry, banana, fig, pear and plum. Any infusion of these fruits will allow you to achieve a feeling of satiety.

What do you think of our list of infusions that can be drunk as satiating? They are natural, without additives, tasty and very, very rich. Try them!

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