The best green teas with jasmine (with recipe)

Green teas with jasmine are the most famous and widespread variety of flavored tea in China, even more so than white tea with jasmine.

If you like teas with herbal, sweet and mild aromas, this is undoubtedly the best option for you. Below, we have created a list of the best green teas with jasmine so you can try them all!

Green tea with jasmine

The quality of this variety of tea depends on the tea leaves used for its preparation as well as the number of times the aromatization process is repeated. The best jasmine green teas are generally considered to come from the Chinese province of Fujian.

Its origin is located around the year 1,000, during the time of the Song Dynasty although, of course, the history is not documented. In fact, there is no data to indicate how it was invented.

The elaboration of green teas with jasmine

Jasmine green teas are produced in the Chinese provinces of Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang and Fujian, the latter being where the highest quality jasmine tea is made.

Brewing jasmine tea takes several months. Camellia sinensis leaves are first harvested in the spring. In this particular case, young shoots and leaves are chosen, at least in the case of higher quality green tea.

Once collected and after a very brief natural oxidation process, they are subjected to processes to stop this oxidation. In China, particularly, “green is killed”; that is to say that the leaves are moderately roasted inside huge woks placed over bonfires. This light cooking affects the final flavor of the green tea, giving it a toasty touch.

Subsequently, the leaves are rolled in order to preserve, on the one hand, the essential oils of the leaves and, on the other, their flavour, aroma and colour. After this process, the leaves are dried in large chambers with controlled temperatures and humidity. Depending on the type of green tea, drying can be done one, two or more times.

Now, where does jasmine come into this equation? There are two very different ways of making green tea with jasmine, but in both cases, the green tea leaves are stored until late summer when the jasmine plants flower and can be harvested.

In one method, the flowers are mixed with the tea and stored overnight so that the tea absorbs its aroma. The other option involves flavoring the tea through jasmine steam. In any case, the processes, which last around four hours, are usually repeated between five and nine times so that the tea absorbs all the aromas. The higher the number of repetitions, the higher the quality of the tea.

Finally, it is worth noting that the highest quality jasmine green teas are hand-screened to prevent leaf breakage and dusting. It makes your mouth water?

The best green teas with jasmine

There are many green teas with jasmine that can be obtained in specialized stores. Here are some of the best:

  • Dragon Pearl: green tea with jasmine from Fujian. Its name refers to the shape of pearls that its leaves acquire. Its flavor is mild and has a great aroma of jasmine. In fact, it is said that it undergoes the aromatization process 9 times.
  • Chung Feng: the leaves of this tea stand out for their silver tips; in fact, it is known as Silver Needles. Also made in Fujian, it has a subtle perfume and a delicate body and flavor.
  • Yin Hao: in this case, green tea leaves are mixed with jasmine flowers, obtaining an extremely aromatic and sweet infusion, which is also beautiful to look at.

Prepare green tea with jasmine at home

Green tea with jasmine is quite delicate. To begin with, care must be taken with the temperature of the water to be infused, since excess heat can affect the tea leaves and make the drink bitter.

On the other hand, remember to use bottled water and not tap water. The taste of this variety of tea is so delicate that the minerals in the tap water could modify it.

Ingredients :

  • 2 grams of tea of ​​your choice
  • 1 cup of water

Elaboration :

  1. Heat the water to 80°C. To check the temperature, you can use a kitchen thermometer. Remember that it is best to use a kettle that leaves enough space for the strands to move freely. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can bring the water to a boil and let it steep, removing the kettle from the heat, for two minutes.
  2. Add the green tea with jasmine and let it steep for one to two minutes. Enjoy!

Green teas with jasmine can be infused up to five times, depending on their quality, of course. Have we tempted you? Find a good jasmine tea and be amazed by its sweet taste and floral aroma.

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