Can you add milk to black tea?

There are no limitations between taste and flavors when eating or consuming any food or drink, what for some is not pleasant turns out to be for others. When ingredients as basic as tea and milk come together, the result is not only pleasing to the palate, but also provides benefits to the body and, therefore, you may be wondering, can you put milk in black tea ? Well, these lines will answer it for you, so continue with us.

Can you add milk to black tea?   

If no problem this can be done. In fact, this is a custom in some countries like London, where they enjoy taking the milk tea and they even consider it their sacred hour of rest and relaxation.

What teas can be taken with milk?

If you are a lover of drinking black tea and enjoy it at any time, if you are addicted to combining flavors, then this question is for you: Can you put milk in black tea? Sometimes it is thought that it is a mistake, but between tastes and flavors, there are those who prefer to consume it this way, combined. For this reason, we will let you know which teas you can combine with milk:

  • undoubtedly the black tea goes first. It is acceptable in all its presentations: chocolate, fruit, spices and nuts.
  • Red tea.
  • Green tea but the matcha.

Can you put milk in black tea? Of course. And we already mentioned which ones it combines very well with, but if you like other flavors, there is a greater variety of teas that you can mix with milk, both hot and cold:

  • African smile black tea, Premium and Pakistani praline.
  • Red Tea Pu Erh Cinnamon, Cherry and Flavors of the Orient.
  • Blackberry flavored matcha tea with a touch of mint and strawberry and vanilla.

What benefits does it have if you can put milk in black tea?

Black tea by itself, in any of its types, provides you with antioxidants and helps the body fight free radicals. Remember that these are the causes of oxidation in the body that cause cancer, degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

So can you put milk in black tea? Of course you do and you would be enjoying double the benefits of these ingredients. Among them antioxidants and calcium in a single drink, although some say that the casein in milk limits the catechins in tea, decreasing their action, but they still produce these benefits.

  • Decreases bitterness in flavors of teas.
  • Stress decreases and, therefore, the mood is better.

When can you put milk in black tea?

Combining both flavors is great, but you have to do it at the right time. It is enough to wait about 5 minutes for the tea to infuse and, after this time, add the milk in small quantities, which you mix. Remember that the milk must be hot beforehand. Then allow this mixture to rest so that the flavors come together and that’s it.

How to infuse tea in milk?

The fact of mixing both ingredients makes you wonder how to infuse if you can put milk in black tea? And it turns out that it is something very simple to do, because you just have to be aware that the liquid ingredients do not boil, proceeding as follows:

  • First heat the water without boiling.
  • Turn off the stove and place the tea in the water.
  • Cover for 5 minutes.
  • Heat the milk without letting it boil.
  • In a cup, place the tea and add the milk little by little.
  • Mix, rest a little and done.

What happens if you drink tea with milk?

When asked if yes, can you put milk in black tea? Curiosity arises to know what happens if you drink it, usually these are mixed, so that the bitter taste of the tea is less However, a study showed that milk caseins cancel out the antioxidant effect of tea, as well as the anti-inflammatories.

Who drinks milk tea?

Let’s remember that, in Europe, we began to drink black tea thanks to the English who drank it with milk to minimize its bitterness. And so they tried, becoming, with the passage of time, something very common at tea time in that country. But the other countries of this continent consumed that of Japan and China, which were less bitter in taste. The English then began to put milk in black tea and continued this custom, very widespread today.

Subsequently, this custom of consuming black tea reaches the rest of continental Europe through Indonesia, which exported its teas to the Netherlands. There people preferred them with a milder flavor and, therefore, it was not necessary to add milk, while at that time the English were the only ones who responded to the question of whether to put milk in black tea with a resounding “Yes” .

Today tea with milk is taken in countries such as: England, Canada, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Scotland.

What is a milk infusion?

An infusion with milk is when a leaf, flower or other part of the plant is added to this hot ingredient, leaving it to rest for a few minutes. It is intended that it acquires its flavor and properties in the process.

So can you put milk in black tea and make it infuse? Yes, you simply shouldn’t let both separate preparations boil with the added substance. Because letting them boil is as if they were overcooked and, therefore, they would lose that essence that is perceived in their flavors and that, when mixed, they feel much more, so that they can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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