Is Earl Gray tea acidic? Or is Earl Gray tea alkaline?

Earl Gray tea is perhaps one of the most popular teas, it is a black tea that has an acidity typical of bergamot. It has a very light flavor, but its shell is what gives it its special aroma and from which its oil is extracted. Today we will talk to you , is Earl Gray tea acidic? Or is earl gray tea alkaline?

One of the legends that explains the origin of Earl Gray tea is that the term Earl comes from an English noble title, whose meaning in Spanish is Count. This Count existed in 19th century England, specifically in the years 1830 and 1834. In other legends it is said that Count Gray saved a Mandarin traveler on one of his trips to China. To thank him, the mandarin offered him a Keemun-based tea with bergamot oil, which was later given the name by which it is known today: Earl Gray Tea.

What kind of tea is Earl Gray?

To explain if  Earl Gray tea is acidic? , it will be necessary to know that many think that it is a brand and associate it with English. Actually, Earl Gray is based on Chinese black tea and is flavored with bergamot. The black tea must be first class and the natural bergamot, artificial aromas should not be used because all the charm is lost.

Bergamot is usually native to Italy and is a highly aromatic citrus plant. It is from the peel of the fruit that its essential oil, which has a lemon flavor, is extracted. Both its flavor and its smell is peculiar, different from that of lemon or yuzo. Today there are many variants, they have been combined with spices, citrus fruits, green tea, blue tea, etc., but the true and authentic flavor is the classic.

Among the variants that we find and that contain bergamot are:

  • Lady Gray tea. Combine orange and lemon.
  • Earl Green. It is based on green tea and not Chinese tea, which is the traditional one.
  • White Gray tea. This variant blends white tea.
  • London Fog. Its preparation is a hot preparation with vanilla.
  • Earl Gray Cream Tea. When cream or caramel is added.

Is Earl Gray tea acidic? Effects of its antioxidants on health

The earl gray tea provides a large number of health benefits, including those obtained from its antioxidants. Polyphenols protect against some chronic disorders, precisely because of their antioxidant action. These are part of the group of flavonoids such as: catechin, quercetin glycosides, epigallocatechin, epicatechin, thearubigins and theaflavnias.

Another of the benefits obtained from this black tea is that it helps with weight loss, because it absorbs lipids, controls digestion and complex carbohydrates. Therefore, it reduces the accumulation of lipids because it does not allow fat cells to distribute.

In addition, theaflavin has chemoprotective effects in some tumors, especially breast tumors, demonstrating its activity against the proliferation of cancer cells. On the other hand, polyphenols have an antibacterial action that significantly reduces bacterial infections. The fluoride present in tea is a component that protects against cavities. Caffeine provides good cognitive performance, alertness, and stamina.

The bergamot that contains the earl gray tea is composed of bergamottin, limonene, linaool, citropten and bergapten, which give it anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Another property of bergamot oil is that it helps reduce stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain, thanks to its anxiolytic and neuroprotective effect.

What is Lady Grey?

To answer yes , is Earl Gray tea acidic? , we must know one of its variants, it is the Lady Grey, produced by the Twining company (with an age of 300 years) and that is slightly different from the Earl Gray version. The name is due to the wife of Earl Grey, Mary Elizabeth Gray. The Twining company took their names from both at the beginning of the 19th century, including olive oil in both drinks. bergamot. However, the Lady Gray version incorporates other citrus flavors that are usually lighter.

Bergamot is a combination between lemon and orange, depending on the brand its flavor can be strong or light. The main difference with Earl Gray tea is that the Lady Gray bergamot is made from lemon and orange peel. In general, it is customary to drink it in the afternoon due to its delicate flavor.

An advantage that involves Lady Gray tea is its quality, because otherwise its flavor would be perceived as bitter, rancid and oily. Fortunately, as the brand is patented by the Twining company, its blades are of the highest quality. Each time this type of tea is more commercialized, especially the one in bags.

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