How many calories does matcha tea have?

There are many teas that exist today that are used to prevent diseases and maintain a good state of health. One of them is matcha tea, about which we will share various information with you through this post. For example, maybe you don’t  know How many calories does matcha tea have? If you are on a diet, the question is important. 

According to nutritionists, this is one of the teas that contain fewer calories. It is for this reason that many doctors recommend its intake to lose weight. Specifically, matcha tea has only three calories per cup . It should be noted that this intake also acts as a powerful fat burner.

If combined with other healthy foods, this drink serves to lose weight quickly. Many doctors recommend that people who do some type of sport, ingest matcha tea before your workouts for increased energy. Another benefit that this intake provides has to do with stimulating the mind, because it serves to maintain good concentration and memorize more quickly.

This intake also serves to reduce stress, lower cholesterol, control hypertension and keep arteries healthy. It is scientifically proven that this drink also contributes positively to the immune system, because it helps to strengthen it. Added to this, this delicious drink helps prevent various degenerative diseases, including various types of cancer.

How do you prepare matcha tea to lose weight?

As mentioned above, this is one of the most effective drinks when it comes to losing weight. To enjoy this benefit, it is necessary to know the correct preparation method, so that all its properties can have the necessary effect. Read on and you can learn about it.

The steps to follow are quite simple. The first thing to do is place a considerable amount of water in a container, to later place it on the fire. After this, you must wait until it reaches 80 °C. Subsequently, it proceeds to include the matcha tea.

After these steps, it is advisable to use a whisk to make enough foam. Finally, the entire mixture is left to rest for a few minutes. By doing all these steps, the tea will be ready to be served in small portions, preferably with a little sugar to make it taste less bitter.

It should be noted that in addition to sugar, there are other sweeteners that can be used to sweeten this mixture, including honey. In addition to this ingredient, there are many others that can be added to enhance the flavor of this tea. The temperature at which it is ingested interferes with the effects of matcha tea.

How many carbohydrates does matcha tea have?

Another of the characteristics that have allowed this drink to be one of the most popular in the world is its carbohydrate content, which is low compared to other similar drinks. To be more specific, it is necessary to mention that the carbohydrates of matcha tea are only 38.5 per dose.

Matcha tea properties

In addition to calories and carbohydrates, it is important that you know the other components of this drink, so that you can increase your interest in its daily intake. This drink is characterized by having a great vitamin content, since it has A, B2, C and E.

Regarding minerals, matcha tea is rich in calcium, selenium and zinc. It is important to mention that by having these components, the body remains quite healthy, in various aspects, among which the maintenance of the bones, the brain and the heart stand out.

Who can’t drink matcha tea?

Despite the many benefits that this drink provides, there are some cases in which it produces certain contraindications. If you want to know this information, it is important that you continue reading this post.

In general, doctors indicate that people who have heart disease limit their consumption, because it contains a lot of caffeine. In addition, those who are following a treatment to regulate blood pressure should not consume matcha tea either, because it can aggravate said problem.

Another case in which it is recommended to refrain from this kind of drink is when people suffer from a stomach ulcer. It is important to mention that by ingesting too much matcha tea during the day, you can suffer severe headaches, due to its high caffeine content.

How much can I lose in a week by drinking green tea?

As mentioned above, one of the main uses that can be given to this type of tea is to lose weight. If you are interested in achieving this objective, you may have some doubts about it. In this space we will try to dispel one of them. Specifically, we will explain how many kilos you can lose in a week by drinking green tea.

According to the opinions of various experts, by drinking green tea for a week, a maximum of three cups a day, you can lose approximately 5 kilos. It should be noted that to achieve this goal, you must also follow a certain diet and also exercise regularly, to ensure better results.

How much matcha tea can I drink a day?

The contraindications that were mentioned above can arise when the dose recommended by doctors is exceeded. It is for this reason that it is essential that you know how much matcha tea is recommended to drink per day, to enjoy the positive contributions and not suffer any type of disadvantage.

The most recommended, according to experts, is to eat three cups a day. Each cup of matcha tea should be consumed before each meal, to improve the digestive process. Typically, each cup of this tea contains approximately 35mg of caffeine, so no more than three doses should be taken.

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