Green and red Rooibos tea: uses and preparation

Besides red rooibos, Another variety of this shrub that grows only in Africa is becoming known. It’s about him Green Rooibos natural, which is practically a “green tea” (without theine) from Rooibos and is characterized by its slightly acidic, fresh taste and which, moreover, is a very healthy treat with many valuable ingredients.

It is not by chance, but because it contains properties that we also find in the traditional Rooibos Te, but unlike it, it does not have any type of stimulant, therefore the green Rooibos is especially suitable for children and athletes, but it is also a wonderful caffeine-free alternative to Green Tea, who can take it pregnant or people with hypertension problems.

Also, one of its most popular uses for this drink is as an antihistamine since it treats allergies gently without causing drowsiness.

Difference Between Green and Red Rooibos Tea

Green Rooibos Tea is not fermented unlike red Rooibos. And for that purpose it must be dried immediately after harvesting and this requires very careful handling, so the harvested plants must not be crushed, nor come into contact with water, but after drying they must be permanently turned and moved , since if a mistake is made during this process, fermentation will take place giving way to a red and not green tea like the one we are looking for.

Due to the careful manufacturing process and intensive labor required, green rooibos is slightly more expensive than red rooibos. The removal of the fermentation process during production especially affects the tannin and polyphenol content, while on the contrary, other valuable nutrients remain better preserved than in red rooibos. Green Rooibos is considerably more antioxidant than red Rooibos, since it is in a fresher state and its polyphenols are still intact.

 How to prepare Green Rooibos Tea

We prepare the rooibos tea organic green equal to red rooibos, the longer the infusion, the more yellow/red its color. It is the process when tea comes into contact with oxygen (oxidation), but it has no effect on its flavor and ingredients.

A strong organic infusion of rooibos tea (2 teaspoons per cup), and long brew time of 10 minutes, make green rooibos tea a theine-free alternative to black tea.

Green rooibos tastes fresh and slightly grass, tastes as good cold as hot and is very suitable as a base for Asian soups and curries, as well as refreshing iced teas. 

The properties of rooibos tea are many and, therefore, enjoying a good cup of this organic tea is quite a privilege. In addition, rooibos tea has very little theine, so even during pregnancy, rooibos tea can be taken with ease. In other cases, rooibos tea to lose weight is also a good alternative to other drinks. 

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