What is dandelion tea? Flavor, uses and recipes

One of the best ways to maintain good health is to have a balanced diet. Drinks are key to achieving this, and the dandelion tea is one of the most recommended by a large number of health professionals, because there are many benefits that it provides, when prepared and ingested properly.

The dandelion is a plant that is considered medicinal, so the drink that is made with it is highly recommended for practically anyone, because it provides multiple advantages, which will be mentioned in this space.

It is important to mention that this plant usually grows in rural areas. However, currently, there are also people who plant it intentionally, with the aim of using the tea to treat various problems.

If you want to know more about dandelion tea, it is recommended that you continue browsing all the data that we have brought to you, through this article. Keep reading and you will know what is the correct way to prepare this drink, what are the benefits of dandelion, and many other essential data.

What are the benefits of drinking dandelion tea?

The first piece of information that we will share with you through this space is a large number of advantages that drinking dandelion tea can bring to your life, including losing weight. Here is a short list of these dandelion benefits, so that you can increase your interest in the inclusion of this drink in your diet:

-Helps relieve inflammation.

-It has a diuretic and digestive effect. 

-Stimulates the appetite.

-Combat fluid retention.

-Positively contributes to visual health.

– Fight anemia.

– Contains antioxidants.

-Improves liver health.

All these advantages are provided thanks to the fact that among the properties of dandelion tea is its high content of vitamins and various minerals, including zinc, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Among the vitamins that dandelion has, the A, K, B and C stand out.

It is also important to mention that dandelion tea contains micronutrients, lecithin, choline and a large amount of fiber, so drinking this drink can also help keep the body with enough energy.

How is dandelion tea prepared?

In addition to knowing all these benefits, it is also convenient that you know how dandelion tea is prepared, since when it is done correctly, it is much more likely that the benefits will be used by the body. Keep reading and you will know this information, so that later you can add this drink to your diet.

The first step that must be followed to prepare this drink is to heat the water until it reaches 60 °C. Subsequently, small portions of the plant are added. After this, it should be left to rest for a few minutes, so that it releases its aromas. The last step that must be done is to strain, to later sweeten and finally ingest it.

Regarding the daily consumption that you can have of this tea, it is recommended that there be three doses per day, preferably after each meal. Many health professionals recommend that this drink not be consumed more than three times a day, since excess can bring with it a large number of contraindications.

Who shouldn’t drink dandelion tea?

After having read all the information that we present to you, about lion tea, what it is for, and what is the correct way to prepare it, the next step in your learning is to know who should not take dandelion, due to the contraindications it may suffer.

According to the explanations of health professionals, it is not recommended that people who suffer from gallbladder, in terms of kidney stones, ingest this tea. This is because it can be harmful, since this drink is characterized by overstimulating bile.

Those who suffer from problems such as acidity should not consume this drink, because its taste is characterized by being quite bitter, even when a large amount of sugar is added. It should be noted that it is not recommended that children drink this drink, because their body is not fully developed.

It is important to mention that this drink can be prepared in various ways, adding various ingredients. For example, many people combine dandelion tea and cinnamon to optimize their effects, and thus contribute much more to health care.

Dandelion tea can be combined with many other ingredients.

In addition to cinnamon, there are other elements that can be added to make this drink taste better, and also provide a greater amount of benefits to the people who ingest it. Among these recipes, there is dandelion and ginger tea, which according to the opinion of several experts, can be very favorable for stomach health.

Another quite effective combination in terms of this type of drink is dandelion tea and horsetail. This recipe is very effective for digestion and also has diuretic functions, so it is highly recommended for people who constantly suffer from stomach problems.

As for this drink, it is also quite beneficial to combine it with green tea and chamomile, since these two ingredients are quite advantageous in various aspects. In addition to this, the taste of the drink is much more pleasant when this combination is made, and a little sugar or another ingredient that has the function of sweetening the tea is added. It should be noted that each of these combinations must be carried out following the recommendations of a doctor, to use the necessary doses of each of the ingredients.

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