Top 10 recipes of Matcha Tea

For those people who do not like to drink coffee, a good alternative is to opt for organic infusions. Once you enter their world, it’s hard to turn back. Of course, talking about tea is not talking about the bags that are sold there and that always taste bitter. No, we are referring to true infusions that are full of flavor and aroma. In this post you will learn how to prepare hot and cold Matcha tea , different recipes.

If you haven’t tried it hot, cold or matcha latte, it’s like beer or sushi; you must accustom the palate little by little with those flavors, and then you will see that the enjoyment will be greater. Matcha tea is delicious, it tastes like fresh grass, nature, with certain hints of the sea. It can be taken hot in winter and cold in hot season.

How to prepare Matcha tea. utensils and ingredients

Later we will detail the various preparations that can be made, but it is important that you know the ingredients and utensils used in its preparation. Among the ingredients are:

  • Quality Matcha tea, much better an organic Matcha tea.
  • Water that is weakly mineralized.
  • Milk of your preference, it can be whole, skimmed or semi. You can also use a vegetable drink such as oatmeal or rice.

As for the utensils and implements, some of them are:

  • A kettle. It may not be so necessary, but if you are one of those who likes to prepare infusions frequently; the fastest way to heat water is this way. Some of them can be programmed the temperature.
  • For the ceremony on how to prepare Matcha tea, the following implements are used:
    • Chawan: it is the cup used to drink tea and it is shaped like a bowl.
    • It is a bamboo spoon to measure and collect the exact amount of Matcha.
    • It is made in a single piece of bamboo, it is used to perfectly mix the Matcha.

How to make hot Matcha tea

To know how to prepare matcha tea with hot water you must follow the following steps:

  1. First, you must have good quality matcha tea; that you can find it in Tétique where we can advise you properly. 
  2. So that you know how to prepare matcha tea, you must start heating the water, we recommend doing it using a saucepan; or an electric kettle. The ideal temperature is 80°C, to measure it it is very useful to have a kitchen thermometer. If you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter, just keep the water from boiling.
  3. The ideal amount to prepare the tea is 150 gr, although we recommend adding a little more because; once the chawan or bowl has been boiled, it should be rinsed several times with hot water to clean and heat it. You add a little hot water, move it to cover all the walls of the bowl and then throw it away, do it 2 or 3 times.
  4. Now you must use the Chasaku spoon, to collect one or two measures of Matcha, the one you require according to your taste in flavor intensity.  
  5. Place a measure of 150 gr of water in the Chawan. Then, you must dissolve the tea with the help of the Chasen or brush. The utensil is even essential, because it perfectly dilutes the Matcha in the water and generates a rich foam. If you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter you can use those small mixers to beat milk.
  6. We beat the Chasen energetically and sticking to the Chawan, with movements in W or M, never circular.
  7. Ready your hot Matcha tea!
  8. Once you’re done, rinse the Chasen with hot water and wait for it to dry before putting it away.

How to make cold Matcha tea

Follow the steps below so you know how to prepare cold Matcha tea . Use the same steps to make hot Matcha tea, just vary the amounts.

  1. Use double the amount of Matcha tea, because the preparation will be larger.
  2. Add Matcha tea to 20 ml of water, use the Chasen for it. Once it is well diluted add 175 ml of natural or cold water and add about 3 ice cubes, shake everything well.
  3. If you want it very cold, you should let it rest in a jug between 10 and 15 minutes in the fridge. Then shake it a bit and drink it. If you see that it is still sitting on the bottom, move it from one side to the other.

How to make hot and cold Matcha latte tea

So that you know how to prepare hot or cold Matcha latte tea, you must follow the following steps:

  1. The preparation is the same as that of hot Matcha tea, but you must use 75 ml of water and milk (whole, semi or skimmed, you can also drink rice or oatmeal). As we want the milk very hot, it should be allowed to almost boil. Finally, when it is ready, sprinkle some Matcha tea on top, using a small strainer, as it is done in confectionery.
  2. If you want to know how to prepare cold Matcha latte tea , the preparation is the same as cold Matcha. The difference is that those 175 ml of water divide half water and half milk.
  3. If you want a frozen Matcha latte, use more ice; You crush it in a glass or using a kitchen robot until it has the consistency of a granita or frappe. Also, if you prefer you can add some cream on top or sprinkle Matcha.

One piece of advice we give is that you use a quality Matcha tea, bought in a store that gives you good advice. In addition, it is certain that if you have a quality Matcha you will not need any type of sugar or sweetener to give it flavor.

How to prepare matcha tea to lose weight

Asians have a reputation for being very healthy, to such an extent that it is sometimes difficult to calculate their age because they take time to age. In Asia, Matcha green tea is customary to drink after eating. Helps digestion, kidneys and liver to work well while processing food.

Matcha draws a lot of attention because it serves as a weight loss supplement. Among its advantages are that it stimulates metabolism and burns new fat. Also, this legendary tea barely has one kilocalorie, so you won’t have to worry about gaining weight.

So that you know how to prepare matchcha to lose weight , this is the best way:

  1. Hot Matcha is more efficient than drinking it cold.
  2. If you drink Matcha tea 30 minutes before doing your exercises, you will burn fat much faster.
  3. After meals, preferably, drink between 2 to 3 cups of Matcha tea a day.
  4. If you like to drink it with milk, try not to make it sweetened with sugar.
  5. Make sure that the tea you use is organic, if it has preservatives, you will surely gain weight.

Take into account the following way to drink Matcha tea and lose weight:

  • The first cup should be taken on an empty stomach, mixed with lemon juice.
  • You should drink another cup 20 minutes after the meal, this way it will favor digestion; it will absorb the nutrients and you will be able to purify the fats.

The amount of Matcha tea to use depends on the following classification:

  • Standard. It represents a teaspoon of powdered Matcha tea.
  • Light (Usucha). Equivalent to ½ teaspoon of Matcha tea in 120 ml of hot water.
  • Thick (Koicha). It’s 2 teaspoons of Matcha tea in 30 ml of hot water.

How to make Matcha tea without a whisk

So that you know how to prepare Matcha tea without a whisk or as it is traditionally known, Chasen, there are several options that you can choose from:

One of them is to use an egg beater or rod, it gives great results and, in addition, it is very practical; if you have one make the most of it. Also, you can add the water and mix it using an electric mixer, although it will depend on the size of the glass you use.

This last option is very good when mixing liquids with powder; or in case a lot of Matcha tea is mixed. You can use a bamboo or wooden spoon for this, which are easy to acquire and very practical. If you get to buy one, you should know that it doesn’t get much foam, it costs a bit. You will need to vigorously shake the Matcha tea powder.

Other Cold Matcha Tea Recipes

whipped matcha

It is another way of how to prepare cold Matcha tea, it has many vitamins and vegetable proteins that will be very beneficial for your skin. To prepare it, add two tablespoons of Matcha tea to a container; two of whipping cream and one of sweetener to sweeten naturally. You must beat vigorously, until you achieve a dense mixture. In a glass with ice and almond milk, add it on top.

Matcha Lemonade

In a blender add juice of two lemons, a few mint leaves, a teaspoon of Matcha powder; a cup of water and sweetener to your liking. Water and mint make it an excellent drink to hydrate the skin.

How to prepare Matcha tea smoothie

Add to the blender a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of Matcha, a green apple in pieces; two tablespoons of natural unsweetened yogurt and ½ cup of ice. Blend for a few minutes and serve the mixture in a glass. This drink is excellent for purifying the blood and having a radiant complexion.

matcha juice

Do you have dry hair, dull skin or low defenses? This juice will do you good. Add in a food processor: kiwi without shell; ½ cup of strawberries, ½ cup of blueberries, a teaspoon of Matcha and a little water. Process it very well so that everything is concentrated and sprinkle a little Matcha powder on top.

easy matcha latte

In a jar add a tablespoon of Matcha powder, a splash of water and a tablespoon of honey. Mix everything until it forms a kind of paste. Then add a cup of non-dairy milk and close the jar. Then shake it for several minutes so that the ingredients mix well. Finally, serve it in a glass with ice. You can add some cinnamon sprinkled on top, if you like. This drink is excellent anti-aging.

How to prepare Matcha tea with melon juice

So that you know how to prepare cold March tea with melon juice, you will need half a melon, water and a tablespoon of Matcha tea. Preparing it is very easy and fast: clean the melon, removing the seeds and the peel, mix all the ingredients; and process it in the blender. This drink will provide you with antioxidants, it will help you reduce stress and increase your defenses.

Tangerine juice and Matcha tea

You should have between 8 and 10 tangerines and a tablespoon of Matcha tea. This preparation is ideal for those intolerant to gluten and lactose. Just add water and it will be a perfect drink for a good breakfast.

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