Cold tea. Remedy against heat

Cold tea

The heat of summer has arrived. The embarrassment begins and can’t stop drinking, but can’t spend all day giving the beer (those summer pounds are starting and it can’t be) and the water… it’s so boring.

Don’t feel like drinking hot tea, although in Morocco they drink green tea with mint and it quenches thirst, it doesn’t refresh…

That’s it, going to drink cold tea, but… Which one? How is it prepared? Which one is the best? When do drink it?

Cold tea properties

Believe it or not, cold tea is not just an American invention to release the product in the summer, cold tea has the same properties as hot tea. The cold does not reduce the properties of the tea, it only lowers the temperature.

So when you drink cold tea you are drinking a healthy and natural drink that has theine that gives you the energy you need to stay awake, antioxidants to keep you young and without calories  to maintain your type.

And it’s also delicious, it’s cheap and it suits you great.

Iced tea to lose weight

Although you had not thought about it, cold tea helps you lose weight and/or maintain your figure.

Tea does not have calories, which does not make you gain weight, and it is also a diuretic, which helps you purify waste from your body.

In addition, it satisfies and hydrates, that is, by drinking tea you are filling the stomach with a non-caloric drink and it occupies space in the stomach so that the feeling of having an empty belly disappears and you are also hydrating yourself healthily. Remember that in the summer we must hydrate properly and one way to maintain the figure is to hydrate frequently to eliminate waste from your body.

One of the great advantages of tea to lose weight is that it is diuretic, that is, it prevents fluid retention, a bad summer that makes us swell and get fatter than we are.

Yet not any added properties of some slimming teas, such as the fat-burning action of red  and green tea. Remember that the cold only lowers the temperature and not the properties of the tea.

Thus, if you drink cold green tea or cold red tea, you are adding lipases and polyphenols  to your diet that help you reduce body fat.

In short, iced tea has the following properties:

It is satiating, which eliminates the feeling of hunger.

It is moisturizing, with which you hydrate properly.

It is a diuretic, which helps you eliminate fluids and not look like a bloated toad.

Fat burners, that help eliminate cholesterol and fat.

It does not contain calories so you do not get fat. As long as you don’t drink industrial tea.

Homemade versus industrial cold tea

Homemade cold tea is the one that you prepare either at home or in a bar, that is, you make a tea like all your life and add ice or cold water.

The industrial one is the tea that you buy ready-made, that is, NESTEA.

Unfortunately NESTEA is not a tea but a substitute and does not have any of the properties of cold tea, except that it is cold!

If you look at the composition of a can of NESTEA you can read that it contains sugar water, TEA EXTRACT!, lemon juice, acidity-correcting additives, antioxidant additives and NATURAL AROMAS!

If you look at the “nutritional information” you can see that each 330 ml can contains 25 grams of sugar, that is, 10 packets of sugar per can!

106 calories per can, more than 5% of your total daily maximum calories!

In short, the NESTEA:

It is not tea, but “refreshing drink of extracts”.

It is not natural, it is full of additives, preservatives and aromas.

Fatten a fool! It is full of sugar. (10 sachets per can).

retain fluids

It is very expensive to be water dyed.

If you notice, that apparently comfortable because making a homemade cold tea is very easy to do.

 How to make Peach Iced Tea

There are many ways to make iced tea and of many kinds. In this article explain the most comfortable and that you can do it even in a bar.

cold tea is basically a normal tea that we have cooled, but of course you are not going to wait for it to cool because it would take forever and it would also be bitter.

Surely you have seen many times to make a cold coffee. Well, you’re going to do the same with tea.

To make iced peach tea, prepare a concentrated tea of ​​black peach tea. That is, add 2 grams of peach black tea in your teapot, filter, etc. and add HALF THE HOT WATER THAN A NORMAL TEA for three minutes.

You will get a concentrated and hot tea

You add two ice cubes or half a cup of cold water  and READY!

Do you find it difficult or complicated? It is the same as a cold coffee.

If you want to drink it in a bar, ask the waiter for a glass with ice and to PUT HALF THE WATER IN THE TEAPOT and you already have the cold tea.

An authentic cold tea with all its properties without sugar (unless you add it), additives, refreshing, healthy and delicious!

Now comes the good part: you can do it with any tea or infusion, although we recommend some tricks to make it perfect.

 You cold tricks

You can make cold tea with any kind of tea, although intense teas with black tea, red tea or fruit infusions are  better.

If you add sugar or any sweetener, add it when it is hot so that it dissolves better.

With the cold the flavors are muffled so be generous with the amount of tea  (double the usual).

Since cold inhibits flavors, spices such as cinnamon are very mild, however, citrus, fruit and mints  give a very pleasant flavor to iced tea.

If you want to make a liter of tea to keep in the fridge and drink it as a soft drink, chill it as we have shown you in the example of iced peach tea. Do not let it cool for hours before putting it in the fridge because it will turn bitter .

If by chance it has turned out a little bitter you can solve it by adding sugar, stevia, etc.

You can prepare a pitcher and add pieces of fruit to it as if it were a sangria. Peach, apple, pear, etc. they are divine and better than “soft” fruits like plums, etc.

You can decorate the pitcher or glasses with a mint or spearmint leaf.

If you want to take your tea to work or to the pool, remember that thermos conserve both heat and cold. You can do it and fill a cold thermos and you will have your drink cold for hours.

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