12 reasons why people prefer to drink tea and not coffee

You arrive at a work meeting and they offer you: “Tea or coffee?” Ah, what a dilemma! Life is full of little choices like this…and which one do you choose?

These are some of the reasons why our customers choose to always enjoy a Tea with Stevia, in any of its forms.

You arrive at a work meeting and they offer you: “Tea or coffee?” Ah, what a dilemma! Life is full of little choices like this…and which one do you choose?

The world seems divided in two: the fans of the roasted bean drink and the #tealovers who make the preparation of tea a true ritual.

But the truth is that most people choose one or the other depending on the circumstances, their mood, their inherited customs, the climate, the quality of the drink that they are offered at that moment or even the person with whom we will meet. Or have you ever preferred a small cut coffee so that the meeting ends quickly?

Because if we talk about meetings, Latin Americans are specialists in gatherings with family or friends, and having a coffee or tea is a perfect excuse to take a break during the day or extend the after-dinner meal until unheard of hours. And let no one take away that habit.

Despite the fact that “signature cafes” proliferate in all cities where the varieties of tea occupy the least space on the menu, this drink continues to be the most consumed drink in the world, after water.

What makes people continue to choose this ancient drink over others? Well, it’s not just a matter of a few fanatics, but there are very good reasons to prefer tea to coffee.

12 reasons to choose to drink tea and not coffee

1- A good tea is much easier to prepare than a good coffee:

A coffee drinker doesn’t take an instant one, even if you threaten him with death… at least you need an Italian coffee maker to prepare something decent, if not a very expensive espresso or capsule machine.

On the other hand, the best teas also come in bags, so you only need hot water, which is available anywhere and under all circumstances.

2- Tea contains much less caffeine than coffee:

Even if you decide on a delicious black tea, it contains up to 3 times less caffeine than coffee. The rest of the tea varieties have up to 6 times less caffeine . A great advantage to stop stepping on the accelerator in life.

3- Tea is better to stay hydrated:

We know that to maintain a good state of health we need to drink about 2 liters of water per day. And it is essential on hot days or to replenish what you lose through sweating after physical exercise. How many coffees should you drink to replace that amount of water? There would be no body that could support such a load of caffeine. But drinking green tea , iced tea or any herbal infusion in the amount you need solves the problem.

4- You eliminate heartburn and gastric reflux:

Is there anything more unpleasant than working and feeling that breakfast and coffee is going up your throat? It ruins your morning for sure. When you replace coffee with any tea, you avoid heartburn and the reflux that accompanies it because it has so much less (even black tea) or almost no caffeine. Stop suffering with your stomach and enjoy life.

5- Keeps teeth white and healthy:

Coffee and tobacco stain teeth. The pigments are deposited in the dental enamel and it is very difficult to whiten them. With tea you don’t have that problem. In addition, the catechins that green tea contains have an antibacterial function, preventing the formation of cavities or the loss of enamel.

6- Because it is good for health:

We love to do things that we know will benefit us. After a while in the gym we feel the satisfaction of taking care of our body. With tea it is almost the same, except that the effort is zero and the enjoyment is maximum.

Tea is naturally full of antioxidants, which will protect us from free radicals. This means they boost your immune system and are great for keeping you fresh (thanks to the anti-aging properties) and feeling great. Although the tea is not a miracle cure, these antioxidants may also help protect you against cancer.

Other studies say that drinking tea could help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering the cholesterol level. For just that, it is already worth continuing to drink tea.

7- The possibilities of flavors are endless:

In addition to the 6 best-known types of tea ( white, green, yellow, oolong or blue, black, Pu-ehr or red ), infusions of almost all the herbs present in nature and wonderful blends with spices, such as Tea Chai , the world of tea is full of possibilities.

Every time you enter a tea shop you will find something new that your palate will enjoy or your body needs . Who knows what wonderful mix is ​​being created right now?

8- Because it has no calories:

Enjoy something exquisite and that, in addition, does not get fat. What more could you want? It is the luxury you give yourself when you drink one of the teas sweetened with Stevia in sustainable packaging. Taste, health and ecological attitude, all in one.

9- Drinking tea is like meditating:

From the moment you start preparing the tea, you know that you are entering a moment of relaxation, where the chaos of our thoughts is tamed, dissipated and shows you what is important at this moment.

In fact, all tea contains theanine which promotes relaxation. It also improves concentration, alertness and prevents fatigue.

A curious fact: Buddhism, meditation and tea have been closely related since ancient times in China and Japan. Those who practiced Buddhism were not allowed to eat or sleep in order to focus on their meditation practice, however they were allowed to drink tea. It helped them focus on their purpose, stay awake for meditation, and it became a central part of their daily lives.

10- Its versatility in the kitchen:

Tea is not drunk just hot, in a porcelain cup, next to a stove. This is an old cliché. The tea is drunk all year round and alsoBut its greatest versatility is shown in all its splendor when you use it in a cocktail shaker, with drinks that will make you look like the best bartender among your friends. Become the ultimate chef with these iced tea recipes and deli recipes using Black Tea with Bergamot .

11- It will give you conversation for a while:

When you meet someone or need to break the ice a bit, offering or choosing a variety of tea can be a very good tool. Coffee speeds you up, alcohol uninhibits you, but you’ll end up messing up. There is so much to talk about tea and what your tastes are and ask others theirs.

In addition, scientists have shown that it improves your mood and at the same time relaxes you and increases your attention. This will allow you to listen to what the other is saying and not turn him into a heavy monologue. You’ll thank us for this tip at your next appointment!

12- Because it goes better with your personality:

Some surveys say that #tealovers like good music, we are more creative in the afternoon than in the morning, and we prefer cats to dogs. We’re not quite sure this is representative of all people who don’t like tea, but maybe you can relate. We continue to believe that we can all be part of this community without differences in culture, age, or ways of being. Time to enjoy a good tea, for whatever reason you want.

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