Extra benefits of Detox Tea

After the holidays or the end-of-year parties, we all say more or less convinced that tomorrow we will go on a diet.   That’s right, we are not at all original in our New Year’s resolutions or the start of a healthy life.

For some, that healthy tomorrow never comes, while others do make decisions that they believe will work for them. These determinations usually include gym, fasting, a recommended diet, juices and detox teas.

But what if you still don’t see changes?

After a week of drinking several cups of detox tea a day, we go to the scale expecting to weigh less than a malnourished gazelle and discover that the needle barely moved 300 grams…. So, we blame it on the tea!

This may surprise you, but not even the best detox tea you can drink works magic… Rather do chemistry.

Your detox plan should encompass a series of measures that involve improving the quality of what you eat, permanently eliminating junk food ( including sugar ), and starting to move your body.

The fact that you have not lost weight implies that you have not taken any of these measures.

Still, even if you’ve kept eating the wrong things, haven’t started exercising or drinking enough water, your detox tea has been working day and night , working its chemical magic .

These are the extra benefits of detox tea that make it worth it :

1- Feel like new in the morning:

Starting the day off right depends on many factors, not just how you slept. When you drink the detox tea whose base is energizing green tea, plus the fragrances of anise and lemongrass, your sense of smell is also stimulated and enhances the refreshing effects of the complete tea.

2- You clean yourself by eliminating toxins:

Toxins are everywhere, not only in the work environment or the means of transportation, but also in that junk food that you have been eating badly. Due to the amount of antioxidants that Sweetea Detox Tea contains, especially catechins, you neutralize the free radicals that your metabolism produces and that are the cause of aging and other diseases. Your entire body, including your skin and hair, will benefit from this cleansing.

3- You improve digestion:

Nausea, gas and reflux are some of the annoying consequences of poor digestion. These are very frequent problems that occur due to various factors. Stress, what you eat, and even the anatomical shape of your digestive system affect digestion. Herbal teas have always been the first choice to improve it, and precisely those contained in detox tea (cilantro, fennel, anise and sunflower) are the ones that are chosen so that digestion occurs without you realizing it. 

4- You maintain a healthy liver:

When it comes to detoxification, the liver does almost everything. With its action it maintains a constant cleansing flow in the body. However, we bombard it with alcohol, fried foods, fats, liters of sugary drinks and all kinds of chemical preservatives. In some cases, it will resist and in others it will let you know with the infamous “liver attack”. Be that as it may, it will need help to function and this is where detox tea plays its main role: all its ingredients have a powerful effect by activating liver function, allowing your bombarded liver to recover quickly.

5- You stop retaining liquids:

In spring and summer, when you travel, or if your work involves spending many hours standing or sitting, fluid retention is present. Especially in the legs, it is a problem that is technically known as edema, and is due to the accumulation of liquids between the cells, which cannot return to the lymphatic circulation as it should. Due to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause, women are more likely to retain fluid. But men also suffer from edema, especially when they work sitting down or abuse salt in meals.

The presence of lemongrass, fennel and nettle in your detox tea ensures that you will eliminate excess fluid through urine, relieving edema.

6- You protect yourself from the “silent killer”:

With this tricky name is how doctors refer to hypertension, that is, blood pressure above the accepted normal values ​​(currently 8 and 12 as a minimum and maximum). It is called that because it generally does not cause symptoms, and although it is dangerous by itself (in an acute attack of hypertension), the damage it produces is indirect and in the medium term: it makes the heart have to work harder and it wears out, gradually breaking down. the walls of the arteries, causes scars to form that prevent the passage of blood (atheroma) with risk of stroke and is the main cause of chronic kidney failure. All this without warning.

Detox teas contain diuretics that make your kidneys also eliminate sodium that accumulates and increases blood pressure. This is especially necessary when you have been retaining fluids or eating unhealthily (fast foods, pre-cooked or frozen foods, etc.). Eat well, eliminate what causes hypertension and you will live many more years.

And as if this were not enough, your detox tea also works when you sleep.

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