Herbal teas for headaches

Of nervous or physiological origin, headaches can also be caused by stress or poor nutrition. Also in this case there are herbs that can give beneficial effects, thanks to the creation of specific herbal teas.

Headache is a feeling of tightness in the temples that conditions the intentions and resolutions of the day. The scientific term of what is commonly referred to as headache is headache but it is necessary from time to time to identify the symptoms in order to classify a disorder that has at least 150 different subtypes. In the treatment of headaches, phytotherapy uses herbal teas or infusions of herbs and medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Let’s find out how to prepare them. 

Strawberry leaf tea

  • Characteristics: The Swedish biologist and writer of the 18th century known simply as Linnaeus, drank the infusion of wild strawberry leaves to cure migraine, here is an updated recipe.
  • Recipe: boil water and leave a couple of teaspoons of strawberry leaves to infuse for about 10 minutes. Pour the herbal tea into a cup filtering with a strainer and add honey if desired. For an even tastier version, just put a few mint leaves or a couple of drops of orange blossom, equally effective against headaches, and lemon zest.
  • Usage: drink as needed, when migraine occurs.
  • Properties: pain-relieving, relaxing, cephalic.

Composite herbal tea against headaches of nervous origin

Cephalic plants are calming plants that heal migraines and headaches of nervous origin; among these are lavender, orange blossom, serpillo, linden, thyme, pulsatilla, valerian. 

  • Recipe: valerian 30%, linden 30%, pulsatilla 20%, lavender 20%; put a teaspoon of the mixture in an infuser, pour a cup of boiling water, leave to infuse for about five minutes before drinking.
  • Usage: drink once a day in times of greatest stress.
  • Properties: cephalic, calming, sedative.

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