Rooibos: The Tea for Pregnant Women

Rooibos: The Tea for Pregnant Women

Rooibos acts as a digestive stimulant, helping to improve digestionrelieve nausea and vomiting, and prevent constipation.

Many pregnant clients ask us in the store if they can have some tea, so we thought of telling you about the properties of Rooibos as well as the benefits of Rooibos for pregnant women.

We know that once you are pregnant, it is necessary to be careful with what you drink and eat, in order to take care of your health and that of the baby.

Doctors advise (and you should follow their advice) that there are certain foods and drinks that you have to eliminate or reduce from your diet, until the baby is born.

Among the “prohibited” drinks are coffee and tea. Many times you will have heard phrases like: “If you are pregnant, forget to drink coffee or tea”.

But how difficult it is to give up these drinks when you are used to consuming them all your life!

How are you going to stay active and energetic, both physically and mentally, without a little caffeine?

But as you know, caffeine and theine are one of the first things that are prohibited once you are pregnant, since a consumption of more than 200mg of caffeine/theine has been associated with complications during pregnancy, and therefore you should avoid them.

What can you do to continue enjoying delicious cups of tea now that I’m pregnant?

Well, we have the right product for you and your child: “Tea Rooibos”

The first thing we clarify is that “Rooibos Tea” is commercially known as a Tea, but it is not a Tea as such, because it does not have theine. It is an infusion and is known both as “Tea Rooibos” or as “Rooibos”.

“Rooibos Tea” is the perfect Infusion to drink when you are pregnant, especially during the first months of pregnancy, since it does not contain theine and on the contrary, it does have antioxidants that stimulate your body’s defenses.

Why “Rooibos Tea” does not have caffeine or theine and the rest of the varieties of Tea do?

White Tea, Green Tea or Black Tea come from the same tea plant, called Camellia Sinensis and because they have theine, but nevertheless the origin of “Rooibos Tea” is different, since it comes from another plant known as the “Red Bush” or “Rooibos” and does not contain theine.

Is it true that “Rooibos Tea” helps prevent rejection of the embryo when defenses are low? 

Frequently the body’s defenses tend to lower during the first months of pregnancy. The antioxidants that Rooibos Tea has, called polyphenols, help combat this drop in defenses and prevent rejection of the embryo.

In addition, these antioxidants promote circulation and help prevent allergies that can aggravate immune reactions.

Does “Rooibos Tea” help to have a restful sleep? 

As I have told you, Rooibos does not contain caffeine or theine, so it does not have any exciting substance, in addition, Rooibos has a relaxing effect that helps fight insomnia.

In fact, the consumption of a hot cup of “Tea Rooibos” just before going to bed, can help you fall asleep. And so both you and baby will enjoy a restful sleep.

Does “Rooibos Tea” prevent constipation and the common nausea of ​​pregnancy?

It is well known that constipation is very common in pregnancy due to weight gain caused by the growth of the baby and it is also important to know that if you suffer from constipation throughout your pregnancy, painful hemorrhoids could appear, which are not only annoying on a day-to-day basis, but also at the moment of childbirth.

Rooibos acts as a digestive stimulant, helping to improve digestion, relieve nausea and vomiting, and prevent constipation.

Does “Rooibos Tea” prevent the absorption of iron? 

During pregnancy, the woman’s body produces more blood than usual, which is normal, because it is necessary to produce blood for two: for the mother and for the baby.

Because of this, the body needs more iron (very important during pregnancy), folic acid and vitamin B12 for the production of blood cells.

It is important that the body has enough iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. Otherwise, you could suffer from anemia and for this reason, doctors usually prescribe iron and folic acid supplements, to avoid anemia and possible birth defects in the baby.

Teas have a substance called “tannins”, which have antioxidant properties and are responsible for the fact that the level of iron in our body is not absorbed properly.

This is the main reason why pregnant women should not drink Tea.

Tannins are substances that accumulate in the most lignified parts of plants: trunk, stems, petioles, etc. However, Rooibos is a leguminous plant and practically does not contain tannins (that is why it does not threaten if you leave it infusing for a long time).

How do you see the properties of rooibos:

No theine or caffeine

High concentration of polyphenols

Its digestive characteristics

relaxing features

Absence of tannins

They make “Rooibos” indicated so that pregnant women can drink it, although we always recommend that you consult with your doctor.

Of course, there are many rooibos teas with different combinations for you to enjoy your favorite flavor: Kalahari rooibos  with its citrus flavors or choco nut rooibos  with its incredible sweet flavor.

All of them have their characteristic flavor and you can take them with milk or on their own; with sugar, without sugar, with honey, etc.

And you….how do you prefer it?

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