Stevia helps you maintain your bones

There is no doubt that  Stevia  (or  Stevia ) is here to stay: every day we hear about new clinical research that confirms the benefits of replacing sugar with this natural sweetener. We tell you why using Stevia will strengthen your bones, so that you can continue as always… walking non-stop!

There is no doubt that Stevia (or Stevia ) is here to stay: every day we hear new clinical research that confirms the benefits of replacing sugar with this natural sweetener.

Our Stevia teas have been created based on recognition of the benefits of this sweetener over any other on the market. Some of the best known of Stevia are : enhance the flavor of teas and infusions, do not add calories, balance glucose in diabetics and do not damage tooth enamel.

eplacing sugar in drinks and food with a natural sweetener is the best thing you can do to have a healthy life. In fact, the World Health Organization points out that the cause of the increasing obesity of people in the West is due to the abuse of sugary soft drinks and super sweet pastry products.

The latest research has found a direct relationship between the use of natural sweeteners such as Stevia and the good condition of the bones.

Why do bones wear out?

Bones are living tissues that give our bodies structure, allow us to move, and protect our organs. In fact, they are so alive that they are forming and dissolving all the time. They are constantly being remodeled and bear little resemblance to the rigid images we were taught in school.

Thanks to the balance of minerals circulating in the blood ( Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus ), the bones are formed, thickening and lengthening until they reach their point of greatest development around the age of 25. At that moment our bones are stronger than in all the rest of our lives… so taking care of them has to be a priority. We still have many years to walk, run and live healthy.

Our skeleton, always in motion, has cells that are dedicated to forming bone and has others that are dedicated to “eating” it. That’s what continuous remodeling is all about. They work more or less at the same speed, but after the age of 25 the ones that form bone slow down a little bit. But things get more dangerous after 45 years in women and 60 years in men.

The cells that are dedicated to forming new bone tissue, preventing or healing fractures depend on the presence of Calcium, Vitamin D and various hormones, including estrogen, which is no longer produced after menopause. This is the reason why 35% of women over the age of 50 have osteoporosis . This is why it is so important to start preventing this bone loss several years in advance.

Stevia: a way to prevent osteoporosis

For decades, doctors have advised women over the age of 35 to eat a diet rich in Calcium ( dairy, sesame seeds, figs, seaweed, broccoli ) and careful exposure to the sun to make vitamin D.

More recently, scientists have studied the relationship between sugar and osteoporosis . They concluded that sugar (glucose) in the blood causes bone loss because:

– Inhibits the activity of bone-forming cells

– Causes us to lose calcium in the urine

– Interferes with the activity of Vitamin D

This is the reason why 80% of people with type I (juvenile) diabetes have osteoporosis from a very young age. Excess blood sugar is the cause of this pathology. Repetitive fractures and bad calcification when healing them are very common.

Eliminating sugary drinks, using Stevia in your tea, coffee and juices is a first step to start taking care of these tissues that keep us going.

In addition, Stevia is a natural product without risks ( unlike other sweeteners ), its powder presentation makes it ideal for integrating dessert and pastry recipes, and at Sweetea we offer you all our products with the best Stevia on the market.

As well as the health of your bones, Stevia has more benefits that will make you incorporate it into your life forever.

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