Theine for Herbal Naturopathy: properties, benefits, uses, side effects

Theine is a nervous system stimulant, a constituent of tea. It stimulates attention and concentration and also promotes weight loss and the elimination of liquids. Let’s find out better.

What is theine used for

Theine is a substance that we can find in tea. It is present in various plants, in which it then takes on different names: coffee (caffeine), cocoa, guarana (guaranine), cola and mate (mateine).  

Theine is an alkaloid identified in 1827 by the scientist H. Oudry. About 10 years later, however, Dr. Mulder demonstrated the similarity and, in practice, the equivalence in the characteristics of theine and caffeine.

Theine is an exciting substance capable of stimulating the nervous system by intervening on attention and concentration and helping to increase them. 

Main functions of theine

Theine has several functions, such as: 

  • The sense of fatigue decreases
  • Increase attention
  • Maintains the waking state
  • Keeps the mind alert
  • Promotes the elimination of fatty acids
  • Facilitates lipolysis, therefore fat burning
  • Promotes diuresis
  • Promotes weight loss, thanks to the elimination of liquids and its effect of increasing the basal metabolism. 

Furthermore, theine can be useful in case of physical activity as it is able to increase endurance and strength, making you feel less tired. 

Taking theine to reduce fatigue and improve performance is effective during physical activities such as running, but does not appear to have positive effects on performance enhancement during short-term physical exercise such as weightlifting and training. high intensity training.

Where is theine found

It is possible to find theine in various plants and in the drinks that are obtained from them (tea, coffee, cocoa, cola). 

As for tea, however, it is good to keep in mind that the amount of theine present in the leaves varies according to the type. The one that contains the most is black tea while the one that contains the least is green tea.  

Theine is contained as an ingredient in soft drinks, energy drinks, and other beverages, but also in some medications.

Contraindications of theine

Theine is an alkaloid that has no particular contraindications or side effects. The problem could arise only in case of excessive intake.

In the latter case, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, stomach pain, palpitations, nausea and vomiting may occur. In severe cases, theine, as well as caffeine, can be addictive. 

Also, little known, theine can interfere with calcium absorption. Therefore, in case of taking large doses of this alkaloid, some problems may arise such as bone thinning or, in extreme cases, osteoporosis.

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